Saturday, 3 March 2012

YSL Manucure Couture Nail Polish Duo in No 8 -

I blogged a while ago about how pretty I thought the YSL Candy Face collection was here, and after swatching, avoiding the hard sell from a pushy Debenhams saleswoman and finding the things I wanted sold out at Selfridges I finally bought my favourite piece from the collection - the Manucure Couture Nail Polish Duo in No 8.

It comes in the typical gorgeous gold YSL packaging, and I absolutely love how the bottles look - though they are small (6ml each).  I've wanted a YSL polish - or two - for a while, so whilst the colours aren't particularly anything unique or amazing, I know I'll wear these so I decided it was the perfect one for me to buy.

The pink is a fairly standard baby pink, slightly blue toned, but not much, it's the kind of colour I really like and wear frequently anyway.  The orange is really bright (almost neon) but still quite pastel, if that's possible; I'm not so sure that it really suits my hands, it's just a smidge too bright but think it would great on my toes in the summer with a tan.

Application was pretty easy actually as both polishes have an angled "fan shaped" brush which took a minute of getting used to but worked quite well.  The formula is good too, not too thick or runny.  The orange took four coats on my nails before it stopped looking patchy, typical pastel, but it lasted quite well - about 4 or 5 days before it started looking horrendous.  The orange also dries to a semi-matte finish, it almost looks like I've coloured my nails in in highlighter (in a good way, honest).  The pink is similar in terms of finish but because of the colour doesn't need as many coats - it reminds me a bit of Topshop Nails Indian Summer but this is maybe ever so slightly darker.

So all in all, these have been a self-treat that I'm happy I bought but they're so expensive I don't think it's a treat I'll be repeating again in a hurry...unless there's another colour duo that I really like of course!!


  1. LOVE the colours! The packaging looks so classy too!

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  2. Love the colours but especially the orange - that will look great in the summer months! Shame they are in such small bottles though!

  3. These are lovely summery colours! I especially love the pink!x


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