Monday, 31 October 2011

Vaseline Lip Therapy Ltd Edition - Creme Brulee (exclusive to Selfridges)

Creme Brulee is one of my favourite desserts, and one I love the smell of so I'm really excited to show you this... ...Creme Brulee flavour Vaseline Lip Therapy, absolutely perfect for winter. It does smell vanilla-y and sweet, but not overpoweringly so, which I'm sure some people will prefer. I'm so obsessed with sugary sweet scents though, if anything I'd like it to be even stronger! The reason I don't really use original Vaseline is the taste/smell (or lack of) so this will definately be a lipbalm of choice for me over winter.

They're also doing a pout competition at Selfridges linked in with the Vaseline Creme Brulee - head down to the photo booth in Selfridges' beauty hall and show off your pout, there are prizes to be won!

Available exclusively from Selfridges for £2.99 now (you can buy it in store from the Oxford Street or Manchester Exchange Square branches)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dressing table able...

I'm ashamed to admit that up until the age of 24 I've never owned a dressing table. Living in rented properties and houseshares I've never really had the inclination or the space to have one - plus it's just something else to lug with you when you move, which I've done quite a bit since I moved to Manchester. My make up was stored in those plastic drawer sets you get from Argos etc.

But all that changed, we bought a house in April as of a few months ago I bought this to go in our spare room...

I wanted a white dressing table because we already have a white wardrobe in our spare bedroom (which I'm secretly turning into my own dressing room and where the dressing table is) and I want it to be a light, girly space. I already owned the mirror, it's from Matalan and I bought it a couple of years ago. The desk style is Belgravia and I got it from Ebay, you can get all sorts of furniture in the same range. I bought it from Ebay quite cheaply as the mirror that came with it was cracked (no problem, already have a mirror) and there were apparently a couple of marks on it...I've yet to notice them. Getting it delivered was a bit of a saga as it was collection only from somewhere miles away so I had to commission a courier/man with a van but we got there in the end. It's huge, really heavy and was fully made up - I felt a bit sorry for the courier that delivered it, me and my boyfriend dragging it up the stairs was bad enough.

I've also recently bought a matching bedside table (below) from Ebay too. I've not pictured the stool as I'm currently using a pine effect plain one from Ikea that doesn't go with it - I can't decide whether to get a bit creative and paint and cover it or whether to just buy the matching stool. I'm swaying towards painting it, but I have been saying that for months now and haven't got round to it yet.

These are my super cute Russian dolls that sit on my bookshelf (a floating shelf in the alcove) in the spare room. My boyfriend got me them for my 25th birthday, I love Russian dolls for some bizarre reason.

This is a closer look at my current perfume collection sat on my dressing, the settings on my camera were a bit off for this one but we've got Beyonce Heat, YSL Elle Limited Edition, Dior Addict Shine, Prada Candy, Britney Spears Believe and various Dior minis that my boyfriend got me last Christmas. He's a good 'un!

This is a random little trinket box that used to belong to my Nana, it's lined in velvet and is pretty small so at the moment I've just got spare buttons in it, I feel like it's being a bit wasted though so I might have to find another use for it as it's so pretty!

This is my jewellery box that I bought from a random little shop in Lytham St Annes when I went there for the day. I can't remember what it was called but there are loads of little shops there selling cute quirky little trinkets that I would love for my room.

And here's a little soft focus pic of my dressing table, all romantic because I love it so much!

All in all, I adore having this dressing table, it really makes the room as well as providing somewhere for all my hair, make up and beauty stuff - in one place. Plus my boyfriend works different hours to me so it's somewhere for me to go and get ready without waking him up.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Nail Enamel - Downtown

Paul & Joe packaging is so pretty - I love the way everything looks vintage (especially the foundation). I originally wanted all three colours in this collection but I found the red (Big Apple) and the blue (City Never Sleeps) kind of boring, and not half as nice on the nail as they looked in the bottle.

Downtown is a frosted pink with really subtle silver glitter through it - it's not a new colour, or particularly innovative - but I quite like it for everyday wear as it lasts pretty well on the nail and isn't too much for work.

On another note, the Paul & Joe Ornamental collection looks very interesting indeed....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser and Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

As the weather has definately got more autumnal since September has arrived, I decided to do a pre-emptive strike on the dry skin I usually get (particularly around my nose) in the colder weather. So I've been using Lush's Ultrabland Cleanser. It's a creamy cleanser you massage into your face and then remove with wet cotton wool; I like this as I personally quite like to see the grime and make up being removed effectively.

It definately feels very hydrating and I wouldn't recommend it for use in the morning because it feels like it needs a while to be absorbed by my skin (without feeling greasy like with a facial oil). I would definately recommend it as a make up remover for the end of the day, especially for those with dry, or drier, skin. It doesn't really smell of much so it's relatively inoffensive (except my brain randomly decided it smelled a bit like old noodles but in my defence I was coming down with a cold at the time). Don't do the same thing as I did and remove it with dry cotton wool pads, it made me break out because I obviously wasn't removing the product!

Overall, I do like this but not enough to buy it again...I think I prefer a proper wash off cleanser and a moisturiser rather than what this is.

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

I also got this - I suffer from dry cuticles and had been meaning to pick it up for a while. It does feel really nourishing on the nail and I've actually got into the habit of applying it several times a day - which I often don't do with cuticle oils because they're a bit messy and greasy - so I'm pleased about that, a little bit goes a long way. And, it smells great, just the right balance of citrusiness mixed with sweetness without being overpowering.

Now this, I would happily buy again...and I plan to!

Monday, 10 October 2011

River Island Kitch Earring Pack

Just thought I'd show you these cute little earrings I got from ASOS recently - they're vaguely beauty related because of the little lipstick ones which I absolutely love! I even like the plainer earrings (like the pearl and hearts) and wear them for work. My favourites are the lipsticks and the little cupcakes. These were only £10 (-20% student discount) and I've worn them loads already.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Carmex Moisture Plus (Pink)

So, you can now get Carmex lipbalm in a lipstick tube...excellent. It also has a hint of pink (there are other colours available too) to it...excellent. I really like Carmex when it gets colder as I find it's one of the only things that truly moisturises my lips well when they're chapped and gets them back to normal; however I also really like wearing lipstick and the two don't really go together.

Whilst I wouldn't really say this gives much colour (and definately not like a lipstick would), it's much easier to use, actually looks nicer and fits in your pocket/make up bag more easily than the Carmex pot. It still smells the same, which some people like, some don't. A definite winter staple!


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