Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My entry for the Ted Baker SS13 Blogger Competition #TedSS13

As a general rule, I don't really do these types of style competitions as I'm not usually a fashion blogger but Ted Baker is a brand that I love and wish I could buy more of.  Every time I look at their website or spot a little piece of Ted Baker on ASOS I just want to Buy All The Things.

So without further ado, here's my three favourite (and I struggled to narrow it down to three, believe me) items on www.tedbaker.com:

First up is the GOJJI Orchid Print Maxi - £229.  I fell in love with this dress a little while ago when I spotted this girl wearing it in the press coverage of Ladies Day at Aintree.  I love the print, the sweetheart neckline and the fact it's a maxi dress.  The other good thing about it is that it's the sort of dress you can dress up or down - wear it at night on holiday, a wedding or a night out.  I just think it's a gorgeous dress!

I'd pair this with RIKA Enamel Bobble Matinee - £75 in bright pink as I think it picks out the pink in the dress, as well as looking really glam.  A Ted Baker purse, especially a bright patent one, is high up on my list of Ted Baker wants (I've actually blogged about these before too!)

In terms of shoes, I'd finish this off with BALLENA Flat Leather Sandals - £100 as I think these are dressy enough to wear to an event but casual enough to wear for something more dressed down.  Plus they're the sort of sandals that go with everything.  As someone who's quite tall, with a penchant for massive heels, it would be quite nice to actually be comfy and glam for once without standing about a foot taller than all my friends.

So there you have it, my favourite Ted Baker summer look...I can almost smell the scent of suncream, tropical flowers and a nice cocktail now!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lovers of Lashes False Eyelashes in #022 Asia

I love it when I get an email to review something totally up my street, you know, something that I would buy myself without trying first. Check out these lashes I was sent from Lovers of Lashes, they're a style I would wear - full and feathery - albeit maybe a little longer than I'd usually try which makes them more of a night out/occasion lash for me.
Despite saying they're more of a night out lash, I actually wore these from day to night.  I've removed my lash extensions for the time being (first time completely since January!) but I think I'd forgotten quite how short my real lashes are...perfect time to try these out.
These didn't come with glue, which isn't a problem for me as I had Revlon Lash Precision Glue recommended to me so I wanted to try that out - worth keeping in mind if you're not as lash obsessed as me though and you don't have spare glue around.
The band on these was thin and flexible which again is my preference as I find them much easier to apply than a thick, stiff band. These were easy to apply/position and didn't feel too heavy or unnatural on, though at first I could really tell I had them on. They stayed on all day/night without the need for any top ups or emergency fixes (always a good thing especially if you've had a little tipple!)
I actually really liked the style of these lashes - they're quite long which I think makes people realise they're false but they're so light they don't look fake (if that makes any sense!).  I think they were possibly a little OTT for the daytime but I thought they looked great, they don't look took wispy for night time either and I think a night time occassion is probably when I'll next wear these.
These lashes came off with no problems and could easily be stored and used again. There's a whole range of 100% mink lash styles on their website http://www.loversoflashes.co.uk all priced between £10-£15 so you should be able to find one for you. They're really reasonably priced too and as you can reuse them, well worth it.  I'd definitely use Lovers of Lashes eyelashes again.
For more information about Lovers of Lashes visit:

Sunday, 21 April 2013

New launch: CND Vinylux

CND are a brand who I would consider pioneers in the nail world.  In the last few years alone they've brought us Minx, Shellac and Rockstar Nails which have all led to real changes in the industry and the way that salons do nails.

So I was intrigued to hear that they're launching a new range: CND Vinylux - 62 colours that can be applied to the nails without basecoat and without the need for UV lamps.  You use a Weekly Top Coat which is formulated to become more durable when exposed to natural light to reduce the number of chips that occur.  Apparently it dries in 8 1/2 minutes and removes an acetone-based polish remover in just one minute.

I'd be interested to try this but I don't think it will replace gel polish for me.  I can see how it would work for people like nurses or shift workers etc who maybe can't wear polish all the time for work but want to wear a long lasting polish that they can remove themselves.

More information, including colours and application details can be found at AllLacqueredUp or watch a sneak peek video here.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Ok, I admit it, this is another blusher I bought pretty much for the packaging without actually trying the blush first (I have to stop doing that).  I have to say Too Faced do some gorgeous blushers - I really wanted their leopard one a few years ago after I bought a friend one for her birthday.  It was one of those presents that I seriously considered keeping for myself but I'm a good friend so I reluctantly handed it over.

Let's talk about the packaging...pretty yes? I think Too Faced aim to position themselves somewhere around Benefit in terms of packaging and price and I have to say I think I prefer Too Faced, but I haven't tried loads from either brand.  The vintage style heart shaped box is so cute, however it's made of cardboard so don't expect it to stay looking great for that long.  I wish it was a proper compact!  Unlike Benefit you don't get a little mirror or a brush either.

It's a mix of three different shades of blusher - rose, coral and peach - each with a hint of shimmer so that you get a good blend of colour rather than one solid one.  Be warned, the colour isn't really strong. It actually gives quite a subtle, natural colour that you can certainly use every day so if you're looking for something bold or you have darker skin you might not want to bother with this.  As I said, there is a slight shimmer to it but not over the top. It's buildable but I prefer to wear it a bit more natural.

It does last throughout the day without any top ups needed.  I do think this mix of colour and texture suits my skintone though, I look more glowing and awake with this on.  It isn't a soft powder, more of a baked one, so there's a bit less wastage and mess too (always good news!).

I don't know if I'm getting stingy in my old age or what but I didn't pay £24 (RRP) for this, and I don't think I would.  It's a nice everyday blusher that suits me but for that price I'd want something a bit more - there's a decent amount of product in there too (5.5g).

Available from Beauty Bay for £24, if you're a bit of a blusher connoisseur or a fan of the brand then go for it!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ted Baker Under The Sea Seahorse Make Up Bag

I saw this in last months Boots Health & Beauty Magazine and when I couldn't see it on the Boots website I emailed them to ask when it was likely to be available as the Boots near me is pretty small and doesn't tend to stock a really wide variety of things.  I do live a 10 minute train journey from the big Boots in Manchester though so I can always pop there if there's something I really want.

Unfortunately Boots emailed back to say that the item had been discontinued and wouldn't be available. Booo!  I love seahorse stuff so it was a bit disappointing as in the magazine it was down as Boots exclusive.

However, I spotted this Ted Baker stuff on ASOS (not that I'm obsessed with it or anything) in the same design as the make up bag I wanted and while I really like the flip flops and the cover up, they're kind of expensive and with the flip flops you won't even see the design.  I might get the cover up for my holidays if I can find some sort of big discount code...

Anyway to cut a long story short, I was checking Ebay to see if I could find the cover up cheaper and I found a seller who was selling the make up bag I wanted and another version so I was all over that.

I think I'm going to save this make up bag for my holidays as it's a decent size to get everything plus it's a bit too pretty just to carry around in my bag to get grubby.  I was given a small pink PVC one a little while ago that I use every day because it's easy to keep clean and carry my little bits and pieces around.  It's bright pink inside (and wipe clean!) and has a little zip pocket to stash things in there.  I love the enamel zip too, how cute is that?

This doesn't seem to be available on the Ted Baker website but as I said I bought mine from Ebay - there are other items available with the same design as above!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

If you entered my Zinio magazine subscription and your name's Helen...

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Blanx White Shock Toothpaste - the first whitening toothpaste with an LED light

When I first got an email about this toothpaste I was really intrigued.  Toothpaste with an LED light?  How does that work? Well I got my answer!

Blanx White Shock contains Actilux which is activated by UV light so when you remove the lid it the light switches on and activates the Actilux, thus whitening your teeth. You can also use the light on your teeth directly to whiten them further. The theory is that Actilux also reacts to sunlight so every time your teeth see sunlight it whitens them more...an excuse to smile? 

The light and toothpaste come seperately so you can is reuse the light once your toothpaste is finished.  I have to say I do think the light is a little bit of a gimmick and the amount of time that the product would be exposed to the light in an average use is fairly minimal so likely to be ineffective.  I can't say I've noticed a massive difference in the colour of my teeth but it is a nice toothpaste and leaves your teeth/mouth feeling really clean and fresh.

Upon spotting this in the bathroom, boyfriend was like "ooh, this is a fancy toothpaste!" and when I explained about the Actilux I got: "Hmm, sounds like a gimmick..." - which to be honest would sum up my review in a sentence.

As with all whitening toothpastes, this isn't going to make your teeth Cowell-white in the space of a day.  I do think the only way to get really white teeth is to get them done at the dentist (or Crest Whitestrips are pretty good too though again it's fairly subtle!).  I'm not sure that I'd buy this again, though it is a decent enough toothpaste, I don't think it really gives the kind of whitening results that I want.

This costs £6.99 for the toothpaste and LED light with further tubes of toothpaste £4.99, available from your usual toothpaste stockists.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Crystal Clear - Crystal Polish, Intense Anti-Ageing Serum, No Shine Serum and Illuminate

I was sent some products to review from Crystal Clear, a brand I have heard of before but have never used.  The products I'll cover in this review are the Crystal Polish, Intense Anti-Agening Serum, No Shine Serum (sample) and Illuminate (sample).

First up is Crystal Polish.  This contains anti ageing ingredients, essential oils and precious stone garnet to provide a mild dermabrasion effect.  The packaging on this is pretty big and quite heavy though it does look nice and serves its purpose pretty well.  I love the matte black box these products come in though.  My first thought was that it smells really fresh and vaguely citrussy. The product itself is actually quite thick and dense, you sort of spread it over your fully cleansed skin rather than rub it in (in an almost clay-like consistency) then rinse it off with warm water and pat dry. I've been using this once or twice a week, though you can use it daily apparently, as I don't like to over exfoliate my skin.

You can feel the exfoliating pieces in there but it doesn't feel really scratchy or harsh. In terms of smell and consistency it actually reminds me of a much less gritty version of this, but without the second step.  I actually think I might just prefer the Crystal Clear as it feels less like it's scraping my skin.  The first time I used this was on a grey March day when my skin was looking similarly grey and tired.  And wow!  It really brightened up my complexion and sloughed off any dead skin on the surface.  I really looked more awake after this and my skin looked revitalised.

The Anti-Ageing Serum is another revelation, described as an "Intense anti-ageing moisturiser is perfect for those whose skin needs more than a normal moisturiser. Our powerful formula contains high levels of proven active peptides and oxygen complex, which help to restore and repair dry, ageing tired skin. The result is fabulously firmer and younger-looking skin with wrinkles plumped from within."  It feels light and fresh whilst also feeling nourishing and moisturising at the same time.  It doesn't feel greasy or silicone-y either (like it's sat on the top of your skin), it absorbs really well.  My skin feels reallt hydrated and just lovely after using this but while it is light, it does feel a bit heavier than a normal serum so I tend to use this after I've taken my make up off or if I'm having a make up free day.  Again, this smells really citrusy and yummy.

I've only really tried out the Illuminate and No Shine Serum once as I've been too busy using the other two!  I'll start using them properly soon and come back with a proper review.

Crystal Clear products are available from www.crystalclear.co.uk from £20 - they also do salon treatments such as dermabrasion.

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