Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A tale of two Chanel foundations...Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 (Shell) and Vitalumiere Aqua in 20 (Beige Tendre)

Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 (Shell)

I bought this from duty free on the way back from Dublin after sneaking/stealing a sample from my flatmates copy of Glamour (sorry! It wasn't the right colour for you anyway!!). In hindsight I think the sample I tried may have been Vitalumiere Aqua as this bottle doesn't seem quite as fluid and light as the sample. And I also think I've bought a shade too dark and it all looks a bit patchy and orange on me which is a real pet hate of mine but I'll save it for hols or when I've got fake tan on. Let's just say I'm rubbish at buying foundations! The coverage on Vitalumiere is medium, but it definately is buildable.

This is the first Chanel product that I've bought, overall this foundation is ok, but I can't say I'm overwhelmed by it and I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one.

Chanel Vitalumiere in 20 (Beige Tendre)

I was bought this by my lovely Dad, again at Duty Free. Now this stuff is more like it - very fluid and light with a good dewy coverage (you do need to shake it before use as it needs mixed really). I actually got the right coverage this time and it makes me look nice and fresh faced, healthy and awake. It reminds me a lot of DiorSkin Nude, another water based foundation, and one of my faves. I think I prefer this kind of finish on my skin, especially as it can get quite dry. It also contains SPF 15.

The bottle looks teeny but the amount of product is no different (30ml) and is plastic with a nozzle, this is maybe not as luxurious as other high end foundations but it does mean it's easier to get in your make up bag and less likely to smash. tt comes in a fancy little Chanel cardboard box with a slightly pretentious leaflet in it, the leaflet does recommend applying with fingertips which is good as that's my preferred method of application anyway.

Now THIS foundation is definately the same as the sample I tried, and I would buy it again...probably only at Duty Free though as it is quite expensive!

P.S. Sorry for the rubbish pictures, my Blackberry camera is really not good.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

I seem to have reverted back to my childhood...

I used to be a chronic nail biter from basically when I had teeth until the age of about 21. I'd bite my nails so far down my fingers were really sore and the skin around my nails were in tatters - my parents tried all sorts to stop me, paying for me to get a nice manicure, using that stuff that tastes awful when you bite (the urge to nibble was so strong that I got used to it), telling me off when I bit etc.

After shelling out hundreds of pounds on getting acrylic or gel nails done between about 16-21 (check out the disgusting pic of my false talons below, my hands look er, manly with those nails!) I finally saw the light, started to be properly interested in making the most of how I looked and just stopped biting with the help of plain old nail varnish, I liked the way it looked and thought it would look even better if I had long nails. So I just stopped biting and it turned out my nails looked quite nice a bit longer and were pretty strong.

Recently, at the grand old age of 24, I've been through some life changing events (both good and bad) coupled with the usual working-full-time-trying-to-have-a-life-studying-for-a-degree-balancing-everything stuff and I've reverted back to biting my nails quite badly again due to the stress (make of that what you will, amatuer psychologists) - once again they're really short and sore but I can't stop the compulsion to bite, even though I hate it and it looks awful!

But today's the day it stops. There's no need for me to do it, I don't like doing it, it hurts and I love having nice nails. So I've painted my nails/stumps today in Leighton Denny "Supermodel" (even though most of it is on my skin, not my nails), and I've been using cuticle oil with frightening regularity; I'm going to keep painting them in neutral colours until they get a bit longer and then I'll probably get another Shellac manicure to keep them looking strong and lovely until I can be trusted again!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My first experience with Shellac nails (in Rosebud)

Sorry my nail pics have all been swatched on a nail wheel of late, I've had Shellac on my nails for the last 2 weeks! The colour I had was Rosebud, a muted baby pink.

For those of you that haven't heard of Shellac, it's described as a gel/polish hybrid and that's definately what it is. Its applied like a polish (including base and topcoat) but "cured" with a UV light between each layer. After its all been done it looks lovely, have you ever applied a thick layer of polish that looks gorgeous but will never actually dry properly? That's what it's like but dry! The colour is really glossy thanks to the topcoat that's applied, and it looks like it should feel all gooey and jelly like but it doesn't, it's rock hard.

These nails lasted for 2 weeks and still looked really glossy with no tipwear, the only reason they looked a bit tired was because of a bit of a gap at the bottom where my nails had grown considerably. Having the Shellac on definately helped protect them and stopped them snapping/flaking too - I was doing washing up, having showers and baths, handwashing clothes, painting my toes, and at one point whacked my finger at such an angle that I thought the nail would be straight off, but it wasn't!
Since I actually enjoy painting my nails and changing the colours a few times a week (plus the fact my nails grow pretty quickly), I'm definately not going to be a full time Shellac convert but I'm still pretty amazed and pleased with it. Will definately be getting Shellac on my fingers and toes if I go on holiday (I think Tropix would look gorgeous on toes in summer), I never have the time or inclination to do my nails when I'm away. I'd also recommend this for anyone who's trying to grow their nails but doesn't want the committment of getting gel or acrylic nails or anyone who can't be bothered doing their nails all the time but still wants to look groomed.

I just found out that with my mani and pedi qualifications, I can actually buy Shellac from the supplier to use - I didn't realise, I thought I had to have gel qualifications. Someone hide my bank card please!
For details of salons doing Shellac near you, you can go to

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dear Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tones (light and blonde hair)

Dear Batiste Blonde,

I had high hopes for you, really I did. I went looking for you especially. As I'm not a natural blonde (shock, horror!), if I've got a bit of regrowth (ahem, dark roots) the normal white Batiste can look a bit dusty if it's not rubbed in properly and can sometimes show on photos if a flash is used. I tend to use Batiste a few times a week as I've got a bit of a grease-phobia when it comes to my hair, but I don't want to wash it every day as I have to do a lot of styling to tame it after washing.

From the first use of you, I could just tell it wasn't meant to be - you were very yellow toned and made my hair look brassy at the roots, I spend half my time on my hair making sure it doesn't look brassy or yellowy so this didn't bode well for me. I can't imagine that this would be so great if you had very light blonde or ash blonde hair, it would be too dark/yellow a colour - blonde hair runs a massive spectrum and I think it's maybe a bit overambitious to try and design a "catchall" product for blondes. But on a positive note, you're as effective as normal Batiste you smell alright but I'm sorry to say I think I'll be sticking with Batiste Brit, Diva or Boho.

Sorry - I hope we can still be friends.



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