Thursday, 17 November 2011

Topshop Makeup - Lips in Brighton Rock and Nails in Indian Summer

Lips in Brighton Rock
I quite like the packaging, though because it's white it does have a tendency to get a bit grubby in my make up bag. It's a really nice pink, not quite as bright as MAC Chatterbox but not muted either. I love the finish on this too, it's neither matte or glossy (maybe a satin finish?). In terms of staying power, this is ok, it's no different really to any other normal lipstick - it won't necessarily last through a meal or a cup of tea but you'll get a good few hours wear out of it. Overall, I'm really pleased with this and would definately repurchase this or another colour from the same collection.
Nails in Indian Summer

I loved this too! I would call it a bright baby pink (if such a thing exists). Application was fine, finish was glossy (with Seche Vite) however on the downside was that I only got a days wear out of this before it chipped on my index finger. Also, the Topshop bottles are quite small which when you think about it makes them seem a little bit less bargainous, even with my student discount. It's still a nice little item to pop in with the rest of your shopping though.

There are some really nice colours in the Topshop collection. I've been really pleased with everything I've tried from Topshop in terms of makeup, which is weird because I didn't go into the brand at first with particularly high expectations at all - the metallic polishes that I've reviewed previously are absolutely fantastic for the price and I spotted some new metallic ones when I picked these up.


  1. That nail polish is GORGEOUS! I've never bought anything from the Topshop makeup collection. Want to try their cream blushes too. I love that lipstick too. Pink colours tend not to suit me, but I might give that one a go!

  2. Loving that pink nail varnish - so cute! I've only ever tried one of their varnishes before but I was really impressed.

  3. I have that lipstick and I love it, whenever I take it with me in my bag on a night out all my friends want to borrow it. I've been really impressed by TopShop's make up, for the price it's really good stuff.

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  5. That nail varnish looks fab! Love the colour, not too bright and perfect for the day.

  6. Really like that pink, girly but not too barbie doll!


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