Sunday, 3 April 2016

Candy Coat - gel polish subscription box review

I was recently sent a really exciting subscription box from Candy Coat - a nail box that includes gel polish! I've definitely said before that I wear gel polish 99% of the time these days, I just prefer that it lasts longer and it definitely helps to protect my nails and stop them snapping which is great news.

Anyway, back to the box - the packaging is ridiculously cute and you can tell that loads of thought has been put into the look. The theme of this box is 'Sweet Little Somethings' and this definitely becomes clear later on...

The box I had is the Gel Polish Subscription Box which comes with 3 gel colours and up to 10 additional nail accessories - check out all these goodies:

There's a really good mix of practical things like nail brushes, orange sticks, nails on sticks to practice on, a nail file and things like nail art crystals, a nail emoji badge (my fave!) and sweets. It's so well thought out and was actually totally exciting to open up and have a look around!

So, onto the gel polish. I found it really easy to use, exactly like other brands I've used and it was great that it came with top and base coat as it means you have everything you need (and I'm running out so it was a great little bonus!). Remember you'll need a lamp to use these polishes.

The pink colour was my favourite one, this is just a personal preference though, I'll probably wear the blue colour but maybe not the green just because it's my least favourite colour ever but again, personal preference.

 The colour is lovely and I'm actually going to put it on my toes now too as they need done and it's a very pretty colour, definitely one that would good with a tan which sadly I definitely don't have at the minute.

This is definitely my favourite ever subscription box and is actually one I'll probably sign up for in future as I want to build up my gel polish collection. I've found with more general beauty boxes I'm a bit too fussy or I find a lot of products aren't suitable for me as I know what I like and what works for me, but I feel like I'll always be excited with the Candy Coat one!

You can find out more info about Candy Coat Gel Subscription Boxes at - you can also follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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