Sunday, 11 March 2012

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Parma Violet

Er, ever since I had a clearout of my dressing table and got rid of a load of polishes I just seem to be buying more and this is turning into a bit of a nail blog!  I bought Parma Violet as a replacement for a lilac Models Own one I had that I had to bin because it went gloopy - I wore lilac nails a LOT last spring so I wanted to replace it.

I'm perfectly happy with this, the colour is nice, application was good and it lasts well (though maybe not the "up to 5 days" as it says on the bottle).   I don't think I've bought any 17 polishes for a while and this has made me want to try more!


  1. gorgeous colour :)
    17 hads some really nice colours, i've developed a bit of a nail colour obsession its all I seem to buy lately.

  2. Lovely shade, want a nice lilac so bad!

    joanne from

  3. Lovely nail color! Perfect for the spring!


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  4. Such a pretty shade. I'm loving all the pastels that are around for spring. x

  5. That's really similar to the Models Own one and one I have by Essie. Love the colour!

  6. Love that color!

  7. cute!!!

  8. Love this colour! Can't wait to bring out my Barry M pastels when the sun shows it's face :)

  9. omg love your blog - that colour is amazing!


  10. this colour is gorgeous xx
    I have tagged you in a post xx Check out my blog for details xx


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