Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg

Oh.  My.  God.  I feel like this Easter egg was made for me - caramel chocolate is my absolute favourite
chocolate type, praline is my favourite kind of chocolate filling and I'm obsessed with Rocky Road - and there's loads of it, which is even better.  It's like someone gave Hotel Chocolat a list of what I like!

It comes really well presented, in what looks like a minature hat box, tied with a ribbon and in monochrome, classy packaging.  It's obviously aimed at being given as a gift and if I got this for Easter, I'd be really pleased!!

The egg is made from milk chocolate (I prefer this to white or dark) and one half is Rocky Road (puffed rice, cookie and chocolate pieces) while the other half is covered in a layer of caramel chocolate.  Yum!  Inside the egg is praline with cookies, liquid caramel and liquid ganache plus some super cute Easter bunnies and chicks in yet more milk and caramel chocolate.  Again, yum!  I know it's not Easter yet but I just had to eat some of this and it's absolutely gorgeous - the caramel part of the egg is really smooth, creamy and sweet and the rocky road side is perfect. When they called it Extra Thick they definitely weren't joking though, it's quite difficult to snap and eat as it's so thick.

To be totally specific the chocolates it comes with are Billionaire Shortbread (boyfriends favourite...I can't actually get near these if he's around), Salted Soft Caramel, Dizzy Praline, Salted Soft Caramel - Dark, Simple Milk Truffle, Choc Chip Cookie (one of my new favourites, totally gorgeous), Sticky Toffee, Orange Praline, Praline Cup (visually and taste-wise AMAZING!), Cocoa Pod Bunny, Chirpy Chick and Caramel Praline.  Praline and milk chocolate galore, just the way I like!!

 Oh and because my boyfriend is obsessed with chocolate he obviously had to get involved in this (I think he wishes I was some sort of food or chocolate blogger - does chocolate blogging exist?) so I thought I'd give you a worrying insight into his brain and his comments on the egg:
  • "Well this is fantastic isn't it...look at all this chocolate!" (on seeing the egg)
  • "Oh my god, that is RIDICULOUS...oh wait, it's called an Extra Thick egg...makes sense then really." (on noticing how thick the egg is)
  • "Do you know what, I think this is probably the very best Easter egg in the whole world.  Brilliant." (as he polished off the last of the Rocky Road half and started on the caramel half)
As ever, Hotel Chocolat are doing some amazing Easter stuff, my favourites after the Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg are the Zebra Beasties Eggs, they're SO gorgeous looking!  The one below is the white chocolate one, but it comes in milk too...or cow print if you prefer!
So are you craving chocolate now?  Do you wish it was even closer to Easter so you could legitimately eat a mountain of chocolate? You can indulge in the Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg here.


  1. It looks so nice, how funny is your boyfriend, mine is a chocaholic too!

    1. He's actually crazily obsessed with chocolate and has eaten three easter eggs already. Easter isn't until Sunday but he can't stop! :-)

  2. Mmm this looks delicious! I bought some goodies from Hotel Chocolat yesterday and I'm glad I didn't look at these eggs as I would have been far too tempted by them! Could drop a few hints for Easter though... hehe xx


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