Thursday, 23 February 2012

Some more Topshop nails - Ice Crush and Gypsy Night

I bought these on a bit of a whim after ordering some stuff from Topshop online and needing to make my order up to £75 to get free delivery, given my past experiences with Topshop polishes (here and here) I knew these were what I would order to make up the amount.  Both of these were an absolute nightmare to photograph and I don't feel like I've done either of them justice with my pics...they're both really sparkly and holoish.

Ice Crush
This is a silver glitter with multi-sized glitter pieces  in it, the larger of which sparkle with a holo shimmer.  It would be good as a layering polish and to wear it on its own, it took about four coats and still wasn't totally opaque.  The glitter was evenly spaced and I didn't find I was having to manipulate it too much to stop it looking bare.  It looks gorgeous on, really eyecatching without looking tacky - even my boyfriend commented that he liked it and he doesn't normally notice that sort of thing (he also said "that looks like it's going to be really hard to get off your nails" too ha ha!).  It also lasted really well on the nails too.  I put this on on Wednesday night and it was still looking acceptable on Saturday morning, and one nail chipped a little at the tip on Sunday. 

Boyfriend was right, it was a nightmare to remove, but I didn't expect anything else really so I won't dwell on it too much.  I did manage to pick it off on a few nails (naughty) and it just came away in one perfectly-shaped sheet but I think that's because of the amount of coats I had applied.

Gypsy Night
I bought this thinking it would be a good replacement for my Eyeko Cosmic polish, which I loved but threw away in my recent polish purge because it had gone all gloopy.  I thought this was just a black polish with multicoloured glitter in, which it is I suppose - with the addition of red/orange flaky pieces in there too that give a slight duochrome effect!
The first coat of theis applied really thinly and quite watery, I was worried that it was going to be totally disappointing.  Second coat was better, third coat was a treat.  Again, this is really pretty - and perfect for doing galaxy nails - much better than my pictures show.

Yet again, Topshop has impressed me with their nail polishes!  I also quite fancied Adrenaline (pictured below) but decided against it as it looked quite similar to OPI Katy Perry Collection - Teenage Dream....but maybe I should still try it...


  1. Love topshop polishes... i have the black one (gypsy night) and people always think its a super expensive one :)

  2. They are both gorgeous! Although i love love love Ice Crush!x

  3. Ice Crush is my favourite I think - I'm wearing just one little layer of it today to keep it subtle for work and it's so pretty :-)

  4. I've been desperate to try 'Teenage Dream' so this is definitely the perfect solution. Next time I pop into Topshop I'll have to pick a bottle up!

  5. Those polishes are lovely. I bought Adrenaline last weekend if you want to see a swatch of it on my nail - xx


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