Wednesday, 1 February 2012

In need of retail therapy...

Phew, January is finally over, and payday finally came!  That seemed like a long month didn't it?  I've got some Trafford Centre vouchers burning a hole in my purse and I can just feel in my bones that ASOS will put out a discount code soon (or at least I hope so), so I just thought I'd show you some of the items I'm dying to indulge in:

Knitted painted parrot print top

Pink French Word Studs

Tangerine Boyfriend Blazer

Tall Unicorn Sweat

River Island
Purple Bow Neck Midi Dress

Tulip Dress with Scoop Neck

Sleeveless Mini Dress with Double Skirt


Hannah Colour Pop Skinny Jeans

As you can see, orange is featuring quite strongly here!  There's a lot more stuff I want but it's things like bikinis and tshirts and stuff, which is far too early/depressing to be looking at!

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  1. Fix of new eye-shadows, as well as the art for a pair of new obnoxious.


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