Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Things I learned today...beauty damage!

I work in finance and recently came across some information about house and contents insurance (no, stick with me, it's not that boring really) that sounded familiar - apparently beauty products are "known" in the industry for causing claims on house insurance!  The majority of damages that results in homeowners making a claim can be balmed on makeup stains, closely followed by hair dye and fake tan stains.  Hair straighteners and stiletto heels are also known causes of claims.
I would not have thought to claim on my insurance for anything like this, and I've definately damaged things before with beauty products (mainly make up on carpets, cotton wool coated in nail varnish remover being left on a table and stripping the paint, melting carpet with hair curlers and dinting the lino at my parents house with my heels, oops!).  Have you ever claimed for a beauty-related issue or have you ever really damaged something with a beauty product/item and wished you had claimed now?


  1. Woah thats crazy! would never of thought about this, I personally wouldn't claim on the insurance for a beauty related issue

  2. Omg I would never think to claim for stuff like this and I am so clumsy, that must make your insurance really high woahhhhh
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  3. I too would never have thought to claim for any of these things! I too have had many beauty damage disasters- I remember a particularly traumatic time at University when I managed to get red hair dye all over a chair when helping a friend dye her hair!

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