Saturday, 4 February 2012

Diorshow New Look Mascara in New Look Black

As someone who has had positive experience of Dior mascaras in the past, I was pretty happy to be sent this to review.  I've been using this for the last few weeks.

It's a really black mascara, which gives a lot of pigment to the lashes without looking clumpy - I find on my bottom lashes it actually looks quite dramatic.  It feels like quite a "sticky" mascara on application (if that makes any sense) but it doesn't actually take that long to dry on the lashes.  The other good thing is the brush, as this photo below shows, it's a bit like two brushes in one and grabs every lash, even the tiny ones at the inner corner of your eye.  It's also quite a stiff brush, and made from rubber, so really does seperate every lash.

I'd definately say that this mascara adds intense colour and volume to your lashes without looking spidery - however in terms of adding length, it's better than average but I wouldn't say that this is a mascara that will give you really long lashes.  And - as I've documented well on this blog over the years -  my lashes are so short I prefer something that makes my lashes look a bit longer.

In saying that though, I have found it to be a good everyday mascara, it doesn't flake or smudge throughout the whole day and stays looking dark.  My main moan about this is that it's really hard to remove, even with an oily super make up remover like No 7 Cleanse and Care.  This also contains a regenerating treatment serum to reinforce lashes and make them stronger.  I can't say I noticed anything in particular with this but my lashes are quite strong anyway, and not really prone to breaking.

I love the packaging on this, as a mascara it feels really heavy - the tube seems a bit wider than a standard mascara one - and the packaging is understated but very much luxurious, I love the little silver band on this

It's also available in brown and blue, exclusively from Selfridges for £23 - either online or instore.


  1. cute!!!

  2. diorshow blackout is my favourite mascara of all time, its quite pricey for my budget but sooo worth it xoxo


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