Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A trio of Topshop treats...

I was lucky enough to be given this by my friend as a belated birthday present - by belated I mean my birthday is the beginning of September, and I got this the weekend before Christmas.  But never mind, I was pleased to get it!  My friend was like "I debated on whether to get you this as I thought you'd either have them already or just have the same colours from somewhere else".  It comes in a really cute little plastic zip container with a bow on it that I'll probably use for other things.

Lacquered is a really glossy, pretty blue-based red that I really like.  To be honest it's not that different to other reds I have, but I still like it nevertheless and it's definately wearable.  Hyperreal is a colour I don't already have anything like.  I've so far been most impressed by the metallic polishes from the Topshop collections and this is no exception, I'd describe it as a metallic bronze.  It's really pretty and unusual, plus it's one of those colours that I can't stop staring at on my nails - this one is definately my favourite out of the three colours, though I like them all.  Deceptive is a smoky dark purple that borders towards grey/taupe.  I really like this kind of colour but don't have anything quite as dark as this with a purpley tinge.

This is another (perfectly painted) thumbs up to Topshop for their nail collection - I don't think I've tried one yet that I haven't been impressed with!  Keep up the good work, Toppers!


  1. They're all really nice colours. I've never tried any Topshop polishes but I'll definitely have a look at them next time I'm in there xx

  2. I was really impressed with the topshop varnishes i've tried - they seem to last really well and I love their huge colour range. Really like the purple shade.

  3. Love the look of Hyperreal. I dont have anything like that either. x


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