Monday, 20 September 2010

Eyeko Polish Trio - THE DARKSIDE (Vampira, Indigo & Cosmic)

Since it's getting a bit more wintery around here, I'm definately leaning more towards dark polishes - I'd wanted Vampira and Cosmic anyway, so to get Indigo as well was excellent. Plus I got a free gift, a Liparazzi light up lip gloss (which I gave away as it was a caramel colour, which I don't really suit).

So, onto the important stuff, swatches:


Black base with red glitter, there are plenty of these around and this is one of the ones where you can actually see the flash of the glitter in the base. I like! Even indoors you can see the red glitter.


Black base with fine multicoloured glitter. Wow. I totally get why they call this Cosmic...I mean, look at it! Doesn't it remind you of space?


Dark blue with fine lighter blue glitter (not quite as purple as it looks in these pics). I have about 4 dupes of this in my collection which is why I'm not so excited by it.

There were no application or longevity problems here, I kind of liked the brush on these polishes. My favourite colour is definately Cosmic but Vampira is amazing too. This was the first time I'd tried Eyeko polishes and from what I've seen here, it won't be the last, I'm liking the pinks they've been bringing out...............


  1. Your nails look absolutely beautiful. Galaxy nails!

  2. I love Cosmic! It looks so good on your nails :) x

  3. oooo i want cosmic!!
    It's beautiful! x

  4. wow the cosmic is amazing i sooo want it.
    im now following you, check out & follow thx

  5. What are the dupes of Indigo? I've been looking for one!


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