Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hotel Chocolat - The Jewellery Box

Ok, first of all, when I received this from Hotel Chocolat, I opened the parcel and left it on the kitchen table, actual box unopened as I'd got in quite late.  When I came home from work the following day, my boyfriend had actually opened it himself when he'd got in from work in the afternoon and ate a load of the chocolates...typical!  Luckily he was wise enough to leave the pralines, but we'll talk about them later.

My first impression was that this looked absolutely gorgeous, I love the butterfly design on the front - I'm actually having a bit of a butterfly "thing" at the moment in our house and keep buying homewares with butterflies on, oops - and I think the mirror/drawers are so cute, you definately could use this as a jewellery box or storage after the chocolates are gone (which incidentally, is quite quickly in our house).

The chocolates that are included in this are (in order of my favourite):
  • Dizzy Praline - Milk
  • Billionaire Shortbread
  • Berry Mousse
  • Dizzy Praline - Dark
These are the kind of chocolates that everyone will like, my boyfriend's favourite was the Billionaire Shortbread, there was only one of those left by the time I got home. But I suppose it's nearly Valentine's Day so I'll let him off.  As you can see, my favourite was the milk praline but pralines are my favourite kind of chocolate (apart from maybe caramel chocolate, but I can't decide) so they were always going to be the winner for me.

The Jewellery Box is available in store at Hotel Chocolat or from for £20, and I guarantee it would make a lovely gift if you're buying for someone on the 14th, or even a gorgeous treat if you're buying for yourself.
This box is part of Hotel Chocolat's Valentines range, and just in case you weren't drooling enough, here's some of the Valentines Chocolates range, which has something to suit every budget really:

How cute is that stuff?!!  I would be really pleased to get any of that for Valentine's Day!  And fellas, if you're reading (I actually don't know if I have many male readers, but hello if you're out there!), and your girlfriend likes chocolate, these would be some brilliant gifts for Valentines Day...wait, you did know it's Valentines Day on Tuesday didn't you?


  1. Hotel chocolat is to die for ! mmmmm

  2. Oh I like! And that's a great price too x

  3. I adore Hotel Chocolat products. I am a member of the Chocolat club and we get a deluxe box once every 3 months. Its amazing and I don't think I've had one chocolate I don't like! You can have a delivery ever month but I thought that would be a bit too much chocolate (as if you can every have too much chocolate!!)

    1. Ah I was in the Chocolat club a while ago as with cashback it worked out that you got a huge box of yummy chocs for next to nothing, it was ace!


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