Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A little Illamasqua haul...

When I bought Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Ambition, I had a little swatch of a few products and decided I wanted/had to have them so when there was an ASOS 25% code going, I snapped them up!

I bought:
  • Sheer lipgloss in Divine (pink)
  • Sheer lipgloss in Torture (orange)
  • Nail Varnish in Raindrops
  • False Eye Lashes in 17
First up is the Nail Varnish in Raindrops - this is quite an unusual colour, a light milky grey that I think almost borders on being a very pale blue as it's quite cool-toned.  It also has little splashes of subtle glitter in it that really does give it a raindrop type look.  I love grey polishes and I really like the slightly unusual quasi-glitter finish.  In terms of application and wear, it's great (as I've found with other Illamasqua polishes I've tried), the formula and brush in particular are great.

The sheer lipglosses are great too - just the right mix of sheerness and colour, really glossy, fairly long lasting for a gloss and nice taste/smell (always important to me!).  I'm definately going to buy more of these, even though I'm more of a lipstick girl than lipgloss.  Divine is a really pretty bright baby pink - it reminds me of a Sephora gloss I bought when I was in New York that I loved and pined for desperately when I'd used it up!  Torture is a fairly easy to wear orange, more on the neutral side than acid side of orange, which is what I wanted - think I need a bit more of a tan to wear this regularly though!

Now, onto the eyelashes - I actually first bought these a couple of years ago and wrote about them when I first started blogging here (there are some pics of me wearing them on there too!) - I wasn't enamoured with them at the time, finding them quite heavy to wear, not being overly impressed wtih the glue and difficult to apply because of how stiff the lash band was.  However, I've since come across a tip about "snapping" the lash band by winding them backwards around a pencil or similar so I'm going to try them again.  I absolutely loved the way they looked one me so I'm giving them another chance!

I've been really pleased with every Illamasqua product I've tried so far, and as I've mentioned before there's a really helpful sales assistant who works at the Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square counter, think I'll definately be buying more things from Illamasqua in future, got my beady eyes on the Chased poweder blusher (another pink blusher, quelle suprise!).


  1. I'm developing a bit of a thing for Illamasqua; I love their Katie blusher so I'm looking to buy a couple of their cream blushes. Plus I quite like the idea of their Skin Base too! Great haul :) x

  2. The Illamasqua sales assistants always look so fab as well, it makes me jealous!

  3. I was so tempted by the Asos discount code but didn't buy anything this time round. Illamasqua blushes are so good, my favourite right now is Hussy :) x

  4. The lipglosses look lovely! need the pink!

    Danniella xxx


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