Monday, 5 December 2011

Jewellery for your shoes? Blingback shoe accessories from ASOS

What do you think of these? They're effectively clip on jewellery for your shoes  I quite like them but I don't think I'd bother with them - I prefer shoes that make a statement on their own rather than taking a plain pair and jazzing them up.  At £14.99 I think they're a bit expensive for something which I would consider a bit of a frippery, saying that I'd spend that on earrings though so why not shoe jewellery?  They attach onto the show with a silicon backing that adheres to the inside of your shoe and can be added or removed "without causing any damage" apparently.

They come in a few other designs too (I've just shown the ones I like best here) and are available from
ASOS for £14.99.


  1. I love the cute little bow for the shoes, not sure i'd spend that much for one unless it was for a special occasion. Great idea though.

  2. Your jewellery it's so beautiful, I like it vey much, I also bought one at style hat
    , If you want one too. can visit this address, The backpacks are beautiful at there. I think you will be love it too.


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