Saturday, 17 December 2011

New year, new start (workwear and trying out Pinterest)...

I'm starting a new (and exciting) job in January and I've decided  that I need to update my working wardrobe - I've been doing this slowly and steadily for the past few months, just because some of my work clothes have seen better days but now I'm moving somewhere new, much more of an overhaul is required (any excuse)!

I tend to wear more dresses and skirts than trousers at work, partly because I'm a weird shape with long legs and find trouser shopping a chore and partly because I like to mix up my footwear - sometimes I like killer heels, sometimes I just want to mill around in ballet pumps and trouser length interferes with this.  I tend to wear knee-length or midi dresses as because I'm a bit blonde and curvy, I can look a bit tarty in anything shorter, and I just don't feel comfortable/professional at work dressed like that.

I've been trying out Pinterest lately and I like it, it definately appeals to my hoarding and list making tendencies (I'm not a weirdo, honest) so I thought I'd make a little collage/pin board of workwear that I want to buy - particularly as we have the sales coming up!  You can find my Workwear board here.  If you'd like an invitation to Pinterest, just let me know.

Just as a little taster, here are a couple of things you'll find on my Workwear board:

Samu Orchid Dress - Coast

Gilda Fluid Trousers -
Boyfriend Blazer  - ASOS
Midi Dress with Pleat Waist Detail - ASOS


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