Saturday, 6 March 2010

False Lash Battle! Illamasqua vs. Mac vs. Models Own

Since I'm addicted to false lashes, I thought I'd do a bit of a compare and contrast on a few to see what I thought. I usually use the Mac ones in here but I thought I'd branch out.

First up...

Illamasqua (Dramatic - 017)

These were £12 and came with glue included. The blurb reads: “Long sweeping handmade lashes to widen the eyes” and in the packaging (which was also very pretty and dramatic), they looked lovely! Lashes could be stored after further use in this packaging.

Application of these was really difficult! The actual band the lashes are attached to is really thick and inflexible so trying to shape it to your lash line and make sure both corners stick isn’t easy.

However, I REALLY like the look of these lashes on, they were feathery and natural looking without looking too long or thin. The glue that it came with was your standard small bottle of lash glue (the same as with Models Own), nothing special.

They did stay on well and were pretty easy to remove though. You could use them again after removal.

I wasn’t hugely impressed with these – they looked nice but felt heavy, the lash glue was nothing impressive and they were hard to apply. For the price I would expect better but I suppose the premium price is because they’re handmade. I'd give them a 7 out of 10.

Next up....

Mac (7)

These cost £8.50 and don't include glue. The glue I used was Duo glue which is fabulous stuff but costs a futher £8ish for 14g, which does get you a lot of uses. It smells absolutely disgusting though! Blurb for these is "natural length, everyday glamorous". If only my lashes were this long naturally!

Like the packaging on these, typical Mac and good for storing your lashes after wear too (unlike cardboard containers.)

Easy to apply, lash band is invisible and easy to flex so not too blatant if it’s not perfect. They give a really nice wide-eyed look that doesn’t look too false and they don’t feel stiff or plastic.

These are my typical go-to false lashes for a night out, I love them, they suit me and using the Duo glue from Mac means they stay on all night and can be re-used if you take them off carefully.

Sorry lashes though, I think I’m going to have to mark you down for being £8.50 without any glue even though you can wear them again and again……..

I’ve repurchased these a lot and would again! I give 8.5 out of 10

And last, but not least (well, maybe)....

Models Own (Fashion Flare Lash 18)

These cost £5 and came with glue included.

Packaging was ok, nothing amazing, pretty similar to a lot of lashes on the high street.

Reasonably easy to apply, though these had the opposite problem to the Illamasqua lashes, the band was almost too flexible and it was hard to get the lashes to stay still/in one place during application. Once they were on I really didn't like them - they were very long and plastic/false looking. They stayed on ok (shame) and were easily removed.

Not worth buying in my opinion, for £5 you're probably better off buying some from the high street or off Ebay. I wouldn't repurchase. I give them 5 out of 10.

So, the winner is Mac, the eyelashes I buy again and again and again...why did I think I could do better?!


  1. I love my Duo glue, I use it on cheapo lashes and they stay on all night!

  2. I agree, Duo glue is amazing, I'm sure I heard somewhere it's medical grade adhesive?

    I just wish it didn't smell quite as awful as it does though...

  3. The last pair look like something a drag queen would wear - very lavishly ott.

  4. the Illamasqua ones look good :) not to sure about the Models own ones thou, way to long and plastic looking

  5. My fave lashes are the MAC no.3 lashes but Im loving the illamasqua lashes on you hun.


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