Sunday, 4 December 2011

For Sale - NARS Arabian Nights Eyeshadow Trio (UK Only)

I bought this on a whim online after seeing how beautiful it looked and I've now had second thoughts and can't see that I'm actually going to wear it. It is absolutely gorgeous though, particularly the middle colour with the purple in it.  Think I've just got carried away/caught up in the hype for this one, I hardly ever wear eyeshadow!

Each colour has been swatched once, it still has all the original packaging and is in perfect condition.  I'm selling it for £26 including postage - sorry, UK only, payment by Paypal.  If you'd like to buy this, comment below with your email address and I'll be in touch.  First come first served!



    Yes please Lucy!

    Jem x

  2. Hi Jem, wow you were on the ball this morning! I've just sent you an email x


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