Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tigi Bedhead Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Firstly, I love the packaging on these, they're bright, gorgeous and look fancy on the bathroom shelf.  Secondly, these sizes are huge - 750ml - so will last for ages.  I bought these for £21.50 in total from and I think they're great for the price.  As with most Bedhead products, these smell amazing, quite sweet and fruity though so if that's not your thing you might want to look elsewhere.  The smell also really lingers on your hair and I keep catching a whiff of it when I swish my hair, which I personally like.

The products are great too, they feel really moisturising, the shampoo foams really well and the conditioner has more of a serumy consistency rather than a creamy one which is a bit odd but feels better on my hair.  I do find that I need to be careful to make sure that I rinse my hair thoroughly after use or  it can still feel a bit like I've still got some product in my hair.  My hairdresser uses these products so they can't be bad!  The shampoo is a light pink and the conditioner is white so I feel like these don't mess with my hair colour.  I'm still using Pro:Voke purple shampoo once a week as a toner as well.

Overall I would recommend these, they keep my hair moisturised, smell gorgeous and look nice on display (something which is important to me!) - these would actually make a really good Christmas present as well, especially as you'd expect them to be more expensive than they actually are.


  1. yeah you are right now a day many Shampoo or Conditioner are spread in market and it is doing role great post buddy.

  2. I like to say thanks for the information of Tigi bedhead...


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