Monday, 19 December 2011

OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not Nail Polish

I recently had a makeup and nail drawer clear out and it turned out all my dark purples were too far gone, so I had to throw them away.  Dark purple is one of my favourite nail colours (along with black, red and pink) so I knew I'd had to invest in another.  I had a salon pedicure done a while ago and got my toes painted with this, I loved the colour so much I went and bought it.

Louvre me, Louvre Me Not is a dark purple that borders towards plum.  It's quite tricky to pick up in pictures!  It had the standard OPI brush, which I like but I'm aware that some people don't.  The formula was good, it didn't drag or anything but I was concerned that it still looked a bit patchy and sheer after two coats, a third coat and some Seche Vite sorted this pretty quickly though.  The wear on this wasn't that great but not sure if that was down to the Seche Vite or the polish.

Just realised this is the first nail swatch in ages that I've actually done on the nail because I keep getting gel polish on!  As I said in a previous post, hopefully buying some Shellac in the new year so I'll be able to swatch those soon.  Can't believe it's 6 days until Christmas and less than 2 weeks to New Year!

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