Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cargo Cosmetics comes to the UK, available from Debenhams!

I've heard of Cargo before, usually from overseas bloggers or in US haul lists, so I was really interested when I heard that the brand is now available in the UK.  I was sent some products to review, as someone who doesn't wear masses of different looks, the items I was sent were really wearable and would suit anyone.  The items I was sent to review were:
  • Water Resistant Bronzer
  • Eye Shadow in Windsor (pale, neutral) and Flint (smoky grey)
  • Reverse Lip Liner
The Water Resistant Bronzer is quite pigmented (so be careful to avoid looking stripy) but as it's so soft and finely milled it's easy to blend in for a more natural look.  I've finally got into watching YouTube hair and beauty videos (I know, right, where have I been?!) and contouring is something that I'm trying to learn how to do properly and this has been great to do that with.  One it's blended in it really does give a glowing, bronzed look as it has a tiny bit of shimmer - not sparkle - to it.  I think once I have a bit more of a tan (real or fake) then this will become a make up bag staple.

The eyeshadows are also really soft and although they're not as pigmented straight away, you can very easily build them up for a darker colour.  Windsor is a really neutral colour, I thought it would be quite white on the skin but it isn't, it's more of a highlighted skin colour so it's perfect for using as a base colour up to your browbone without looking drag queen-y.  I've been watching smokey eye videos as well!  Windsor is a smokey grey that leans towards a sort of Russian Blue type colour, perfect for evening eye make up, and I found it really made my eye colour pop without looking too dark or too OTT.  Although they're both soft, there isn't masses of fall out when you use them either which I prefer - sometimes loose pigment gets ridiculously messy!

The concept of a reverse lip liner isn't something I've come across before but the idea is that you line outside your lips to contour, highlight and keep your lip colour/gloss in place.  This is a great idea for gloss where you want a wash of colour and shine without any harsh lip lines.  I've added a little set of instructions below from Cargo's website: 

My lips are quite big so I don't really need to enhance their appearance to look fuller but as a result if I wear a strong colour, such as a red, I definitely need a lip liner to stop my colour feathering or ending up outside of my lipline.  So, here it is in action - my lips are lined with the Reverse Lip Liner and then I'm wearing Topshop Brighton Rock lipstick:

I think it works really well as a highlighter around the lips, especially in the cupid's bow.  This would be such a great product if you were going for a really dewy look or if you have smaller lips that you're trying to make more of.  I also think it would work well if you were going for a nude lip look as a normal lip liner.

Cargo Cosmetics are available from Debenhams, prices start at £7.50.  I've got my eye on the ColourStick and the TexasLiner now!

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