Thursday, 2 May 2013

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

On a night out a little while ago, my friends were all raving about Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive.  To quote: "It goes on like an eyeliner so it isn't messy like a tube of glue and you won't even need to take it out with you as it keeps your lashes on all night...get the white one, not the black one, that one's rubbish."  As a loyal Duo devotee, this lash adhesive had totally passed me by.  I do like Duo, it lasts for ages but let's be honest, it stinks to high heaven and applying it from a big tube can get a bit messy at times.  It's still a good glue though.

So, in the interests of being an eyelash obsessive I ignored all advice and bought both the black and white glues to try out.  My friends were right about the black glue - it's a good idea in principle as it looks like eyeliner on so in theory you can skip the step of doing your eyeliner.  In reality, not so much, I found it got quite messy when you're repositioning the lashes to the right place on your eyes.  I did find a sneaky use for the black glue when I had my lash extensions on though, if I was getting to a point where there were a couple loose and my appointment wasn't until the following week, I'd "line" my top lashes with this to stick them in place and make it look like I had eyeliner on.  It was good as a temporary fix but it did make my next lash appointment a big of a nightmare as there was glue everywhere.

The white glue however, was amazing.  I used this in my recent Lovers of Lashes review and I have to say it was great, it was ridiculously easy to apply (as my friends said "like an eyeliner" with a little brush on the end of the stick that you just put on in a straight line), dried quickly and was invisible once it was on.  It kept my lashes on for well over 12 hours with no top ups and would probably have lasted even longer.  It doesn't have any sort of scent really either so it might actually be good for more sensitive eyes.  One thing I would say is that it kind of stays feeling a little bit tacky even when dry (the black one does the same), but whether that's to do with the make up I had on with it I don't know.

I found removing all traces of the glue needed a little bit of scrubbing but I think that's the case with most lash glues really.  They stick, it's what they do.

My friends were right and this will actually be my go-to false lash glue in future...I might actually give up my Duo as this glue smells better and applies more easily with no fuss.  High five Revlon, I never thought I'd change from using Duo with my lashes!  Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive is available from Superdrug* from £5.10.


  1. this sounds brilliant, I wear false eyelashes at least a few times a week so will have to give this a go x

  2. oh wow, I've only ever used the black duo glue (the dark is so annoying sometimes grrr) and even though i hardly ever wear falsies I'm going to have to try this one out... ahhhh revlon is going to impress me again!

  3. I need this in my life, I never realized that Revlon even did lash glue. I was always devoted to my Eyelure lash glue that I used to buy in the bigger bottles from Boots but I'll have to try this next, love the idea that it brushes on like an eyeliner! Great review


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