Saturday, 1 June 2013

How to dye your own eyebrows

Since I've had my hair darker, I've been filling in my brows using my HD Brow Palette. I've always liked the look of filled in, groomed brows but because my hair has been so light previously having really dark brows just didn't look right. I was bored on the Sunday before Bank Holiday so - as you do - I decided to tint my brows! My eyebrows are dark brown anyway so it isn't like I'm going from having nothing to having dark brows.

I like to look groomed but I'm lazy, I want low maintenance.  That's why I like lash extensions and gel nail polish (and why I still want to try Vita Liberata Phenomenal tan) as you can just hop out of bed and they look good.  I remembered that at college we learned how to tint brows and lashes (yep, I'm a qualified brow tinter) so thought I'd give it a go.  Brow tinting is really easy to do as long as you follow a few rules.

I used Eylure Dylash Eyelash and brow dye kit in black (available from*) which comes with dye, activator, brush, little under eye pads for if you're tinting your lashes and a little plastic dip in the packaging to mix it with. It's so easy to use on brows - I don't tint my lashes as I get extensions on and my own are dark anyway, lash tinting is a bit more fiddly especially to do yourself - you just mix the tint to the right consistency (after doing a patch test and reading the instructions carefully) and apply to your brow hair.  You then wipe it off with wet cotton pads after 1-2 minutes and voila, darker brows. 

Here's my darker brow - sorry for their unkempt state, you're meant to tint before hair removal so I've done mine with the intention of getting them threaded later on in the week.  Apparently I have long eyebrows according to my threader, not long as in hair length but long across my face...she did say it was a good thing though.

Here's some more handy hints for tinting your brows too:
  • Patch test at least 24 hours before tinting - especially if you're using a brand you haven't used before, this is your first time or you have sensitive/reactive skin.
  • Don't use this on recently waxed or tweezed skin, check your product instructions for more information
  • Read the instructions for the brand you've bought before you use them
  • Apply the tint lightly to the hairs only, not the skin.  Don't be really heavy handed and paint it everywhere - you're dying your brows here, not your skin.
  • Remember you can add, but you can't take away! Only leave the tint on for a short time before wiping off, you can always add more tint if you want to make them darker. If you leave it on for ages and it goes really dark...well, you're stuck with that I'm afraid.


  1. Great post hun. I get HD brows so she tints them and it makes them so much better.

    1. Thanks! I really wanted HD Brows but I always cave with the tweezers before they've grown in. Plus I've got quite strong features so really defined brows make me look a bit mental! Yours are lovely though x


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