Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tell me something Pinteresting....

I was always one of those kids/teenagers who ripped things out of magazines when I found them interesting and kept them in a box.  The problems with this are storage, organisation, how often you look at it and how often your impressive hoard is admired by other people - you collected all this stuff for a reason and no-one ever sees it?!

As an adult, it started with nails (as it so often does with me), since I started blogging - maybe even before - I've been hoarding pictures of nail art and designs that I've liked or been impressed by.  These just took up a lot of space on my hard drive and I didn't really look at them that often, which was a real shame.  I also wasn't that great at backing up my images and also sometimes I'd spot a design on my phone then I'd have to do some sort of convoluted screenshot/email type of deal which got annoying.

When I heard about Pinterest, a website where you can collect and share pictures from any website/device, I knew this would be the perfect solution to my problems - I can upload/link images from any device, it's all backed up, other people can see them and I can collect them in once place.  For me, out of all of the recent social media sites that have sprung up, Pinterest is by far my favourite. The other good thing about it is if you're browsing and see something pinned that you like/want to buy, then the pin links back to the source so you can see where the image first came from.

As a blogger, it's also a really great tool to publicise your blog, if you do fantastic nail designs or amazing eye make up then you can easily add your images on to Pinterest so that people can find them and get back to your blog to find out how to do it.

Here's a snippet of my nails board below (there are some of my own designs in there too, I don't dabble in nail art half as much as I used to), if you like it you can follow it here:

So, if you haven't already joined Pinterest, why not sign up here and start pinning?


  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Lucy! It's great to hear that you have been able to find inspirational nail designs and make-up looks! I love your Nails board- I'll have to try some of these looks! Lauren, Community Coordinator


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