Monday, 13 May 2013

Paperself Under the Sea lashes from TK Maxx

I fell in love with Paperself lashes a long time ago but resisted buying any because they're expensive, probably really fragile (and I'm really clumsy) and they're not something I could really see myself ever wearing.  They're so pretty though and the designs are ridiculously intricate.

I love the beauty, food, accessories and home sections in TK Maxx - I can't really cope with the clothes section, it's too jumble-saley and there's too much disappointment there for me when you spot something you love but can't find it in your size - but I need to be in the right mood and have enough time to have a proper root around.  I was passing through on my lunch break and spotted Paperself lashes in the beauty section for £7.99 - still not cheap but about £4 cheaper than their retail price.  They had a good variety of designs too but I exercised some self restraint and only bought this Under the Sea design.

The box was a little bit beaten up, but that didn't matter to me.  Something worth keeping in mind is that these don't come with glue so if you don't have any, you need to get some if you want to use these.  I used my trusty new find - Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

If you can't find these in your local TK Maxx or you want a cheaper option, Stargazer are doing some paper lace lashes which are pretty similar.  I haven't tried these but you can see a review here.  Some of the designs are gorgeous and they're priced at a more purse-friendly £6 each.  Or if you've fallen in love with Paperself and want to try them out for yourself/see more designs, they're available from Beauty Bay*.

Also, I seem to have gone into eyelash overdrive since I got my lash extensions off - every other post is something to do with them at the minute!

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  1. I dont trust myself with something this delicate and whimsicle! But they are so pretty!!

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