Sunday, 5 May 2013

Primark Letter Earrings Set - 3 pairs for £1.50

I first spotted these on Laurenella's blog - as an "L" name too these really appealed to my earring fetish plus at £1.50 for 3 pairs of earrings, all of which I liked, how could I say no!

My local Primark is a smaller one, there's a massive one in Manchester if I can be bothered to travel (usually no), so it can be a bit hit and miss.  It took two lunch break visits, a lot of rooting around and some help from a sales assistant but I eventually found the earrings and popped them in my basket.  There's a swirly gold pair, a diamante silve pair and chunky gold pair in the set.

I also popped another £40's worth of stuff into my basket - yes, £40 in Primark!  I bought work shoes, tights, knickers, some holiday clothes and some summer shoes for my boyfriend so I didn't feel like I'd been too ridiculous.  Still, I only went in for some earrings!

Available from Primark, £1.50 for set of 3 - there are plenty of other letter options if you don't have an L name too!


  1. Woo earring twins! :) I'm impressed by your Primark dedication ;) xo

    1. I know! To be honest, it's like 5 mins round the corner from work which is good/bad...I can get there, queue, head back and eat in my lunch break.

  2. Good find - love them! I'm a sucker for a good ol' Primark find! Anyway, saw this and thought of you - you'd be great as a cover girl!!

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  4. Primark does have a lot of things that are in fashion and while some of their clothes may look a bit cheesy (don't know how else to describe it, lol), I've brought some things in primark en ligne that absolutely love and I have NEVER brought a piece of clothing from them before that has fallen apart, gotten holes in it, etc.


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