Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Paul's Hair World - a one stop destination for hair in Manchester (don't worry they deliver too!)

I've been visiting Paul's Hair World ever since I moved to Manchester. It's a shop that's absolutely full of everything to do with haircare, hair extensions and accessories (and more) - coming from a fairly small city up north where we hardly even had hairdressers that did weaves it was a real find for me!

I've enjoyed having my hair darker and ombre but I'm ready to go back to being light blonde again soon I think, I've got a hair appointment booked for just before I go on holiday in July to get my full head of highlights in and I've been toying about getting some extensions put in when I get back/for my birthday and I'm thinking proper long, thick mermaid locks - although my hair's quite long and naturally thick it's kind of damaged, especially at the ends so I just think extensions would give it a real bit of oomph! 

I've been browsing Paul's Hair World's website for some inspiration and I think I've seen some wefts that I might actually get put in but I'm going to wait to see how the colour turns out first. Some of their main offerings are hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs - I've picked out a few of my favourites below (the wave clip ins at the bottom are absolutely gorgeous!):
(L-R) New Wave Clip Ins 100% Human Hair, Beauty Works Ombre Dip Dye Clip In, Sleek Ez Ponytail Long

They also sell loads of other beauty related items such as GHD's, curlers, hair products, perfume, fake tan and false lashes so it's well worth a look (especially if you're as beauty obsessed as I am!) to see what you can pick up and the staff are really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.   When you deal with hair and beauty all day you get to know a thing or two!

If you're not based in Manchester, don't worry they have stores in Liverpool and Glasgow as well as their website http://www.pauls-hair-world.co.uk/ free UK delivery on orders over £100! You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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