Monday, 20 May 2013

Review of Graze lightbox - healthy snacks delivered to your door!

Another healthy food post? Ooh I've changed!

I've been meaning to order a Graze box for ages but I never got round to it.  I finally bit the bullet when I realised that I could get a free box and £1.50 cashback through Quidco*and that since I'm trying to get/stay healthy it also seemed like good timing.  A Graze box is basically a box of various little nibbles - all different kinds - that gets delivered to your door.  You can choose the frequency of your deliveries and choose what you get in a box.

I went for the lightbox which contains all of their lowest calorie snacks, everything's between 50 and 150 calories and it skips nuts, seeds, flapjacks and dark chocolate.  I have to admit that there are some things that aren't included in the lightbox that look really nice so maybe as a treat if I were to order again I'd get a different kind of box to get some of the not-so-healthy stuff.  I get mine delivered to work for convenience too, so I'm not chasing the postman around!

So, what did I think? I actually thought it was was really yummy and very convenient! In my lightbox I got tomato dipinetti, summer pudding, Eleanor's apple crumble and summer berry compote, they were all really nice but I wasn't massively keen on the dried apple in Eleanor's apple crumble. That was the only thing I wasn't keen on...I wolfed everything else down! This is really good for me in terms of snacking as I love food and sometimes struggle with portion control (ahem) but this way the amount I can have is there waiting for me. I think I'm going to order these on an ad hoc basis as a little treat every now and again rather than keep a subscription going regularly - I'm trying to save for my holiday wardrobe!

If you'd like to try a free Graze box, just click the banner below* - you'll need your card details as if you're signing up for a subscription service but if you're just in it for the freebies you can always set it up to come fortnightly and then cancel after your first box (delete your card details too just to be on the safe side too).  Who knows though, you might love it and want to carry on!

*referral link btw

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