Sunday, 2 September 2012

A product I didn't like...Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner

After my good experience with Lee Stafford Treatment for Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length I thought I'd be onto a winner by using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner as a lighter option to the treatment.  Plus I thought it would last a bit better as I was getting through a tub of the treatment every week or so.

In my opinion this doesn't really have any redeeming features, at least not for my hair. The bottle is quite small so it runs out quickly (which turns out to be a blessing) and it doesn't really seem to condition, after using this I struggle to get a brush or a comb afterwards and my hair gets so knotted - why bother?  It's never ever been as difficult to brush out before.  At £6.99 for 200ml it's quite expensive with little justification.  My advice is, really, don't bother.  Spend the extra pound and buy the treatment* rather than this, you won't regret it.  The treatment is actually part of the current Lee Stafford 3 products for £12 offer that's on at Boots at the moment, so why not buy three?  The treatment is usually £7.99 each so this is a pretty good deal (I'll be stocking up!)

This isn't the first time I've had a disappointing experience with a Lee Stafford product, their Hot Shots 4 Blondes Shampoo treatment turned my hair lilac.  Unintentionally.  Before pastel hair was back in fashion. But nevertheless I've used some great Lee Stafford products over the years so I keep going back!  There's another thing that bugs me about Lee Stafford - and this is obviously me being anal - the way the product names are WrItTeN LiKe ThIs.  There is no need.  But yeah, like I said, that's pretty inconsequential as I still like their hair growth treatment and think their stuff generally smells really nice.


  1. I'm glad you wrote about this conditioner as I was thinking about buying it. So glad I didn't get it as part of the 3 for £12 the other week! I picked up the treatment which I really liked, the shampoo and a sea salt spray. I'm happy with those 3 products.

    Hope you don't mind me saying but have you tried a Tangle Teezer? I know you won't be getting this conditioner again but if you ever have trouble brushing through your hair after washing it, it might be a good buy. I love mine, it honestly makes it so easy to brush through wet hair and I don't know what I did without it! xx

    1. Hi! I actually use a Tangle Teezer anyway and it's no match for the knots I get after using this, it normally works really well for that though. This conditioner is vile!

  2. Ah that sucks :( I liked the conditioner but didn't love it and have never repurchased the shampoo or conditioner in this range as I thought they were okay but nothing to write home about. Like you I get through a tub of the treatment a week so I did have high hopes...oh well! Sorry to hear about the huge knots, there really is nothing worse! x

  3. I was thinking about getting this product as I want my hair to grow longer, so thank you for this post!




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