Saturday, 22 September 2012

GHD Air Hairdryer in Cherry Blossom - Review

I've wanted one of these since they first came out but couldn't quite justify the price tag. In saying that, I've been moaning about my old hairdryer for probably years now, it's pretty slow, regularly emits a mild burning smell and it cuts out quite frequently too, usually when I'm on my way to somewhere important like a job interview or a wedding. Argh!  But forget that one, it's gone to hairdryer heaven now and been replaced by the shiny new GHD Air in Cherry Blossom.  I chose the cherry blossom design basically because it's pretty and pink.  Plus a £10 donation goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer which is always a good thing.

I was lucky enough to get this for my birthday from my lovely Mam and quite frankly I'm ecstatic about it, I can't rave enough!  It's a professional strength hairdryer which has a 2,100 watt AC motor at 240V (but that doesn't actually mean anything to me), it's certainly powerful though and I find that it dries my hair much much quicker than my previous hairdryer, it kind of feels a bit like you're holding a jet engine (in a good way, if that's possible).  This is a godsend as usually I try to get out of blow drying my hair as it takes so long which means my hair is fuzzy when I get up and I have to straighten it to death.  This hairdryer doesn't mean I can go without straighteners, which quite frankly would be a miracle.

In visual terms, I think this hairdryer looks fantastic, it really does look and feel like quality, which is what you want when you're spending money on a high end hairdryer.  I love the pink on it and I'm actually really glad I went for the cherry blossom design, you can also get it in just plain black though.

It has two heat settings, two speed settings as well as a cool shot button, comes with two concentrator nozzles and uses advanced ionic technology.  It also comes with a satin dust bag with a cherry blossom design on it which is cute but I probably won't end up using it!  It isn't ridiculously loud but it's a hairdryer, you know, it's going to make a bit of noise.  Another thing I like about this is that it has a long cable, 3 metres to be precise.  This sounds like a minor, unimportant detail but when you dry your hair in the most awkwardly laid out spare room ever created, it's important.  The plug sockets in that room are all in odd places so the long cable means I'm not contorting into weird positions away from the mirror to dry my hair.

In summary, I like this, it takes me less time to dry my hair, it's easier to dry my hair and it's the most powerful hairdryer I've ever used.  Plus it looks great.  If you're looking for a new hairdryer, I would thoroughly recommend this.  Ok, it is expensive but after many happy years with my GHD straighteners, I do think their products are worth it.  The GHD Air in Cherry Blossom is available from* priced at £99.  If you do buy it, remember to register it on the GHD website as it comes with a years manufacturers guarantee!


  1. wow this post makes me wanna get one i think you have persuaded me :p
    if you wouldn't mind giving my blog a whirl :D thanks btw your amazing xo

  2. Oh, I think I will have to give this a whirl... when my current dryer gives out. What a price tag tho!

    1. I know but it was worth it for me (and, ahem, I didn't pay). After my old rubbish hairdryer it's like heaven! :-)

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