Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nazila Love Glamour - fantastic embellished false nails

Ok, these won't be to everyone's taste, but I LOVE them and can't understand how they've slipped under my radar til now!  Are they practical?  Probably not, but neither are high heels and I wear them all the time.  My favourite ones overall are the Barbie ones above (currently sold out which makes me sad) but here's the rest of my favourites:

The level of detail on these is amazing - especially considering the most expensive set is £29.99 - and they really remind me of Japanese Kawaii nail art, which I also love.  You get 24 in a pack and each set can be re-used up to four times. Apparently Amanda Holden wore these nails on Britain's Got Talent, someone in Made in Chelsea (I've never watched it so I'm a bit clueless) showed them off and Rihanna's a fan too.

These nails are currently available from Nazila Love Glamour, where they sell a lot of other nail art bits too, but are launching in selected Superdrug stores and online in October.  Watch this space, as I'll definitely be getting my hands (no pun intended) on at least one pair of these and showing them off!

What do you think of these nails, and this kind of nail art?  Too much and tacky or fantastic and frivolous?


  1. these look amazing! i've wanted stiletto shape nails for ages but couldn't find them anywhere. deffo getting some of these bad boys! xx

    1. I bought some cheap oval false nails from Ebay too, they're alright actually.

  2. What complicated elegant nail designs!



  3. Holy crap those are amazing! x

  4. they look amazing but I imagine they will get caught on everything. I have some 3d bits on my nails at the moment and have managed to yank threads out of my scarf with them : (

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  5. Wow, this is interesting. Thanks for the updates through your blog


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