Friday, 31 August 2012

Elegant Touch Funked Up French Limited Edition Storm (False Nails)

Another Savers find!  These falsies are shorter length and come with glue and a mini nail file.  There are 24 individual nails in each pack so I'd say there's a decent enough variety of size to fit everyone.  They're a light grey with a large black half moon design on them.  I can't even find anything about this design on Google so who knows where they've come from.  It's fairly apt that the design is called Storm though, as there's currently a proper thunderstorm taking place with the rain to go with it!

They're really easy to apply - despite the fact my glue bottle broke and the little nozzle came away meaning I had to sort of pour glue onto my nails then stick them on - and come with little tabs on them so you can a) match up nail sizes on your left and right hand and b) to make them a little bit easier to apply as you can hold on to the tabs.  You do have to snap these off and you might have to file away a rough edge with the file provided but this is pretty easy.  Sorry for the rubbish quality of these pics, I'm on my old camera and I'm really not impressed!

Overall I do quite like these but I wish the black part was smaller - more of a natural half moon size - as they kind of look like those acrylics where the white smile line has been taken down too far.  They've lasted a couple of days now but I have had to replace a few, probably due to by hindered application process.  They looked a bit worn after a couple of days as the paint had scraped off a bit.


  1. They look great! They don't look like false nails, they look like they have been done professionally



  2. I love how short they are, even though they're not short. I hate filing nails down so they don't look 'taloney'. They look really good, if you're struggling with the glue I always use this... it's really easy to apply because it's just like nail varnish.

    Sian x

    1. Yeah I don't want anything too false for every day wear either. I've used that glue before actually, brush on is really handy for nail art. I should buy some more really :-)


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