Tuesday, 25 September 2012

10 of my favourite things about blogging

Time for a bit of positivity in the blogosphere, I'm struggling to find my blogging mojo a little bit at the minute so I thought I'd round up some of my favourite things about blogging to inspire me to get back into it full throttle!
 10 of my favourite things about blogging
  1.  It's made me much more adventurous with fashion and beauty which I think is a good thing - I used to be stuck in a rut wearing the same old "uniform" all the time.  Constantly seeing outfit posts and finding new shops I haven't heard from before from blog posts is great (not so great for my bank balance though).
  2. It helped me to get a job in marketing - now I'm certainly not saying "hey, write a blog and you'll walk into marketing!" but I mentioned it on my application and the interviewers were really interested.  Blogging has also helped me pick up some handy skills along the way such as writing, basic HTML, dealing with press and PR agencies, Google Analytics and using social media.
  3. It's an excuse to buy new things -  ok strictly speaking this probably isn't such a good thing but I'm classing it as such!
  4. There's a good community to blogging - if you ever need help with anything or have any queries/requests, there's always someone helpful around.  I think sometimes people get the idea that it's all really horrible and bitchy but I genuinely haven't experienced that.
  5. I've learned a lot of new and interesting things - and that can only be a good thing, right?
  6. It's quite an interesting hobby to have - I blog for fun, it isn't a career or full time thing for me (unfortunately) but people are always interested in it when they find out that "I'm a blogger." There's always an opportunity on the forefront somewhere too, whether that's a competition, an event or working with a new brand, it's sometimes quite exciting!
  7. I've learned what I like - despite getting more experimental with things, over the past few years I've certainly found what kinds of things I like.  Pink lipsticks, false lashes, pink blushes and matte nail varnishes are ALWAYS going to be onto a winner with me.
  8. It's a creative outlet - I can't draw for toffee, I've got two left feet and the thought of acting/getting in front of a camera makes my blood run cold (hopefully no-one's waiting for me to hit YouTube) so having my little place where I can write whatever I like to my hearts content is lovely.
  9. The events - I've only actually been to a handful events as a lot of them are in London and sometimes my schedule is a pest which is always a disappointment but the ones I've been to have all been great.  They're like a little party where everyone is as passionate about beauty stuff as you!  In 'real life' when I get obsessive about nails, people look at me like I'm mental...not at a blog event.
  10. It's global - one of the great things about the internet is that it's pretty much everywhere.  But through blogging I can see images, things, people and products from around the world and interact with the writers.  It's bad when you're really coveting something on an overseas blog that just doesn't appear in the UK though!  Or when you see a product you've bought retails much cheaper overseas (but this is a positive thing I'm trying to do here so I won't get too bogged down in this part).
So, there you have it, my top 10 favourite things about blogging. What are your favourite things about blogging?  If you do a post like this, please feel free to link back to it in the comments!


  1. Lovely to read such a positive post about blogging... I'm nodding away at lots of these! :)

    Nic x

  2. Really agree with so many of these. I've only been blogging for a short time but I already love the sense of community and getting to share quite how much I love makeup without people being like 'um... okay...' haha. xo

    1. Ha ha yes! Sometimes I forget myself and if someone says "I like your nails", I'll be like "oh thanks, it's bla bla from the bla bla collection last year...it's a nice purple but I don't like it as much as bla bla." They look at me like I'm an insane/shallow person ha!

  3. Such a lovely post.
    Xaimarys ♡

  4. Aww I love this, I may do something similar. You're right, we all sometimes need a reminder about why we started blogging - as the negativity can get you down can't it?

    And congrats that your blog bagged you your job, that's great news! x


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