Saturday, 28 January 2012

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner

You might remember when I reviewed RapidLash last year and had some good results - though my lashes were probably still pretty short by most normal-lashed standards.  Well, I was given Revitalash for Christmas and have just started trying it this week. My natural eyelashes are so short, I'm always searching for that holy grail product/treatment that will give me gorgeous, long lashes...I don't know how viable this is if I'm honest, the only things that make my lashes as dramatic as I want are falsies or lash extensions (and even then sometimes extensions aren't thick enough).

So, I thought I'd treat you to another picture of my mascara-free eyelashes.  Pathetic aren't they?

I'm going to try and give regular updates of growth and any side effects that may occur (hopefully none), I have read some reviews saying that it can cause discolouration of the eyelids and/or take up to 3 months to notice a different but I'll persevere.

I still haven't tried LiLash which is meant to be one of the most effective products for lash growth, but it's considerably more expensive and to be honest for the price, and the really short length of my eyelashes I just don't feel any product is going to give me the long, dramatic, fluttery lashes I want.  But here's hoping!


  1. I am totally the same my eyelashes r short as well it sucks doesn't it. It will be to know if this actually makes a difference. Fingers crossed.

    Katie x

  2. This looks great xx just came across your blog xx its great - maybe we cold follow each other ? Xx

  3. I love Revitalsh it's one of my favourite products

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  5. How did you get on with Revitalash? I didn't see another review after this. Did you get results? X

    1. I didn't get on with it very well at all, it irritates my eyes unfortunately so I can't even comment on whether it works or whether it has any side affects. It made my eyes so red, I decided it wasn't worth it.


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