Monday, 2 January 2012

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum - 40ml

Happy New Year!  Can't quite believe we're in 2012 already!

I had sniffed this a few times while I was out Christmas shopping and really really liked it - and I ended up getting it for Christmas, yay.  I think quite a few people I know got this too so it must be popular!

I'm not really wild about the packaging it came in or the bottle (bottle appeal is normally quite important with perfumes for me as they sit on my dressing table for all to see!), the box looked a bit cheap to me and the bottle looks old-fashioned, and I don't necessarily think in a good way, but the bottle is ok.  But, moaning aside, the main event is obviously the perfume inside the bottle and I definately like that!

I'm no perfume buff and I don't think I've ever successfully identified base notes, top notes etc.  but to me this smells sweet with a hint of citrus (maybe grapefruit or orange) and something else that stops it smelling too saccharine.  After I did a bit of research apparently base notes are toffee and Indian patchouli, top notes are pear nectar and sweet Italian orange, heart notes Tiger Orchard.  Ok, I know I wasn't that close but I feel quite pleased that I managed to sort of identify something in it.

I think my perfume taste is evolving slightly from the overly sweet teenybopper perfumes (hello Britney Spears Fantasy and pretty much any Escada perfume ever made) I usually like...only slightly though.  I've got my eye on Pulse by Beyonce and Valentina by Valentino which kind sort of still fall into that category (Valentina much less so).

It's quite expensive at around £39 for 40ml but the scent does last quite well and of course, you are paying for the Jimmy Choo name.  If you like sweet or citrusy perfumes, I'd definately recommend giving this a little sniff if you're out and about.


  1. I love perfume. Gonna go out and try this one! I have loads at the moment and think i would like the sweetness of this. Will defo try! Thanks hun x

  2. Sounds really nice will have to try this one out! Thanks


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