Monday, 28 March 2011

RapidLash Update - Week 8

Nearly at the end of the recommended 8-10 weeks of use of RapidLash and I'm still really happy with the results - not much of a change from Week 6 but I don't really mind as I'm pleased with how much better my eyelashes look (especially compared to the first pic I took when I started reviewing this product). I'm struggling to show it in the pics but they're actually a bit longer than they look here as I can see the ends are very fine and look quite light - when I've got mascara on they look so good!

After 8 weeks of using RapidLash

What my eyelashes looked like before I started using RapidLash

What my eyelashes normally look like with mascara on

What my eyelashes now look like with mascara on (YSL Volume Effect Mascara)

Seeing the results like that, I'm even more pleased. I'm definately going to continue using it as RapidLash recommend that you should use it 2-3 times per week to maintain the growth and I've got into a nice little routine at night with it (to the point where if I forget to apply it I'll actually get up out of bed to apply it...normally this isn't the case, once I'm in bed, that's it!).

I was thinking about the fact it costs £40 per tube too, each tube has a 3 month supply in it (probably more if you're just using it just 2-3 times a week for maintenance instead of every night), so that's about £13 a month. When you think about the fact I was getting lash extensions that are £80 initially then about £40 every 6 weeks at one point or even the fact that I buy false lashes, lash primer, countless different mascaras etc, it actually doesn't work out that bad...about £3.25 a week, just a bit less than a Cafe Nero vanilla frappe milkshake with cream (my fave!). Can you tell I'm trying to justify it?!

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  1. I can see a difference hun. Are you a subbie of Lisa Eldridge on YT? She had this lash curling thing done, the difference was amazing after! I think it cost about £40 xx


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