Friday, 20 January 2012

Loreal Mythic Oil - Nourishing Oil for all hair types

I first came across this after receiving it in a Glossybox a while ago but to be honest I didn't really bother using it as I already had my hair products that I liked, and tended to just use it to finish my do and add a bit of shine.  After receiving another sample of this recently, I've been converted! 

I use this now when I blowdry my hair and it makes it look really shiny - as a blonde, I sometimes struggle to get a nice shine to my hair - and feels very soft, and not at all like I've got product in it.  I feel like it holds my hair a bit straighter too without weighing it down or making it feel greasy, as an oil it's really light.  It also doesn't smell too strongly either - the Dumb Blonde Shampoo I'm using at the moment has such a distinctive smell, I'm glad this doesn't fight with it.

I'd definately recommend giving this a go, especially if your hair is a bit longer or in need of some TLC - apparently this is even good for fine hair, but with my fuzzy, thick hair I can't really comment on this.  It's enriched with a blend of grape and avocado oil, amongst other things.

Mythic Oil is available from for £11.95

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