Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Jewellery storage...

I posted a while ago about my dressing table and my little heart shaped makeshift jewellery box in this post from October.  It was getting a bit cramped in there (and quite hard to find things) so I decided to see what else was around and came across this double drawer jewellery box from ASOS :
The jewellery I mainly wear is earrings with the odd bracelet/bangle or ring thrown in there so this was perfect.  I like that I can see where things are and that I can keep my earrings as a pair in the top section rather than having to root around and try and find the other earring.

Here's some pictures of it in action and some gratuitous earring shots - my favourite earrings at the moment are the gold ones that look a bit like curtain ties (from River Island) and the Unicorn ones at the bottom (from Topshop) - they look like the unicorn is jumping through your ear, which sounds a bit ew but actually looks really nice!

This jewellery box is now in the sale for £15 and can be found here - it comes in green and there's also a single tier version available too, which might have actually been a bit more of a sensible option for me!  And to end, a slightly better pic of the Topshop earrings I've shown above - I've never had so many comments about a pair of earrings before, people are really intrigued by them:


  1. This is just what I've been looking for, love it! I'll have to talk nicely to the bf!

  2. Thanks for posting this, I'm currently looking for a jewelry box too and this one looks practical. But I can't find the dimensions on ASOS, would you mind measuring it please?

  3. Where can you get unicorn earrings like that?

  4. that s cool , very creative designs !!!!!!! i loved it .

    by ........

    fashion jewellery uk


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