Monday, 30 January 2012

Good Things Total Wipeout Cleansing Wipes - Raspberry and Cranberry

I bought these on a whim for those nights when you just want to take your make up off really quickly (like I did on Saturday night) - I'd ran out of my seemingly endless stock of facewipes and decided not to buy any more but I missed them!  I know they're not the best thing for your skin but as an occassional thing I think they're ok.

These smell so nice, very fruity (as you'd expect) and yummy!  The wipes are also really wet too, which sounds a bit silly, but I hate taking my eye make up off with dryish wipes as I feel you really pull at your lashes, so these are great in terms of that.  They also don't sting your eyes or irritate your skin when you use them, which is obviously really important.  I've used really cheap wipes before and actually had an allergic reaction to whatever's in them.

They were developed by beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis and are also free from animal ingredients, parabens, SLS', petrochemicals and mineral oil.

Good Things Cleansing Wipes are available from for £3.49 (and you get your Boots points too!)


  1. These sound great, i understand the wet thing :)

  2. Hehe I'm glad, I wondered if it sounded a bit odd :-)


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