Saturday, 2 March 2013

Paul & Joe Cheek Colour in Gigi (2013 Spring Carousel Collection)

You know Paul & Joe right?  They do gorgeous products in really pretty, retro style packaging - a lot of it features cats, which doesn't do it for me, but some of their embossed stuff really floats my boat...even the packaging it comes in is really pretty.

See? Even the boxes they come in are pretty.  This compact is refillable, so you buy the white embossed compact and the colour block separately.  I think this is good because the packaging is so nice you can use it again, plus if you tend to wear different colours of blush depending on the season, whether you've got fake tan (or a real one) or where you're going then you can chop and change what's in the compact.  It seems a shame to throw something like this away so it's great that it can be reused - Paul & Joe do quite a lot of this as they do tend to make their packaging a bit focus.  As you can see the compact has a mirror in it too which is always handy.

The colour I went for was Gigi, a bright pink with a lighter shimmery pink section to it.  Pink's always my favourite blush colour and tends to be what I wear the most so it was a no brainer really.  I knew I'd like the colour before I bought it and I do.  It is really pigmented though so you need to be careful not to be too heavy handed - I think if you have paler skin then you might want to go for a different colour as this could be a bit bright for you.  Each to their own, though.

It comes in all sorts of colour combinations though (see below), I quite like Candy, Secret Dor and Gamine as well...I'm scrolling over that pic quite quickly because I'm trying to be good in terms of buying things at the moment!  I'm on Day 2 of a "no buy" and I'm struggling already!!!
Overall, this is a lovely blush and I would be happy to purchase one of the other colours from the range.  It's easy to write Paul & Joe off as "all style and no substance" but their products are every bit as good as their packaging.

I bought mine from ASOS for £12.50 for the colour and £6 for the reusable compact (minus student discount).  Also available from Beauty Bay*.

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  1. Love Gamine! The colours are really gorgeous, I love that they are a duo, so you can mix and match a bit



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