Thursday, 21 March 2013

PureLogicol Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask

PureLogicol isn't a brand that was on my radar previously but after reading about their new skincare range I really wanted to try out their Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask which claims to improve skin radiance and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by instantly firming skin and boosting collagen synthesis.  It's also supposed to hydrate and nourish.

The packaging is heavy glass with a gold lid which feels like really good quality (as well as looking good on your dressing table).  It's easy to get product out but you do dip your fingers in to get it which I know some people aren't mad doesn't strongly bother me.

The active ingredients include:  Perfection Peptide P3, Pepha-Tight, Papaya fruit, Pseudo Collagen, Dragon Fruit, Agave, Acai, Edelweiss, Borage Seed Oil, Boaobab Oil, Red Clover, Honeysuckle extract, Vitamin A and Tamanu Oil.  I'm not even going to pretend I know what all of that is, but it sounds good.

The consistency of this isn't creamy or greasy, it feels very light and sort of sits on the top of your skin rather than feeling like it's soaking in.  It smells quite innoffesive really.  You apply a light layer of this to your face in a upward motion (good for your skin) and then leave it for 20 minutes then remove with water or a muslin cloth. 

My skin's quite reactive so it does go slightly red when I use this, but it doesn't irritate it at all.  As it dries you can definitely feel the tightening effect, though it doesn't dry hard like a clay mask or similar, you can feel it plumping up your skin.  It doesn't feel at all drying or like your skin is uncomfortably tight either.  My skin does feel really moisturised, fresh and plump after using too and I do feel like my skin looks brighter and more radiant.  The smell does change slightly as it dries, it smells a little more plastic-y, whether that's some ingredients working in there I don't know.  I don't feel like I need any more product (moisturiser etc) on after this.

This is a little expensive at £75 for 50ml but I honestly do think that with skincare it's better splashing out a bit on higher quality products, especially as my skin is ageing.  Plus, a little bit goes a long way so I suspect the pot I've got will last for absolutely ages.  I've been using this once or twice a week and I find it's a really good boost when I'm going somewhere special as my skin feels great after using it.

The Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask is available from the PureLogicol website, £75 for 50ml.

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