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How to look after lash extensions - aftercare, tips and tricks that I've learned along the way

I've had various types of lash extensions and false lashes applied over the years and I've found that it's a bit hit and miss what aftercare advice you get given to follow so I thought I'd put together a little reference guide for people who might have their lashes done in the salon.  Hopefully people will find it helpful!


There are all different types of lashes that you can get applied in a salon so it's best to be clear about what you're getting beforehand so you know what to expect:
  • Strip lashes - these are like the normal lashes you can get in Boots on a strip but you pay to get them applied in a salon.  I've never had this done but when they usually cost between £5-10 to get them applied in a salon.  They should really only be worn for a night so are good for parties or events if you're wanting a glamorous look and there are obviously different styles available.
  • Cluster lashes - these are little groups of lashes, usually 3-5 joined at the root in a V shape, they're applied to your lash line to enhance the look of your lashes and you can have as many or as few added as you want (some people just have them in the outer corners).  These normally cost between £10-20 to get done in a salon and though they can last 2 weeks - I've had them for that long before but my own lashes were in a sad state by the end of things - I wouldn't wear them for more than 1 week at a time.
  • Weekend lashes - individual lashes applied at your lash line, these last between 3-5 days and cost about £20-40.  I haven't had these before.
  • Holiday lashes - individual lashes applied to your own to enhance them for 2-3 weeks, after which they should be removed. These usually cost between £20-40.  I haven't had these before either.
  • Semi-permanent lash extensions - individual lashes applied to each lash individually.  These last 2-3 weeks, after which you can get them maintained to fill in any gaps and this way they can last up to about 3 months.  It costs anything between £30-150 for a full set, with maintenance costing between £20-50 every few weeks.  They can be as natural/OTT as you like.  Application takes about 1 hour 30 mins with maintenance between 30 mins to an hour.
It's important that as well as understanding the lash type and application method, you're realistic about your expectations and how long they might last for you.  I have lots of lashes but they're short and dark.  As much as I love long, spiky lashes, it's not an achievable look for me as my own short lashes wouldn't support really long extensions.  This is fine and I just go as long as I can without them drooping and make sure I have plenty of them packed in.

Really, you should have a patch test to make sure you're not allergic to the adhesive at least 24 hours beforehand but this isn't always offered - ask, especially if you're prone to allergies or have sensitive eyes.  You might also get a lash tint (or at least offered one) to darken your own lashes before application (this will also need a patch test).  I tend to skip this part as my lashes are already really dark, just short.

This is the treatment process for semi-permanent lash extensions, all of them are applied in a similar way but this one takes the longest so is probably the "worst" ones to have applied, just because of the length of time.  I quite often fall asleep getting mine done though so it can't be that bad!
  1. Firstly, you have to lie down to have lashes applied.
  2. You will usually get gel pads put underneath your eyes (where you get eye bags) and your lower lashes might get taped down to stop them getting in the way.  This is done with your eyes open.
  3. Your lashes will be swiped with cleanser to remove any oils that might stop the adhesive working properly.
  4. With your eyes closed, your beauty therapist will start to gently "stroke" each individual lash onto your own.  The adhesive is usually odourless.  Keep your eyes closed at this point!  The therapist will then move over to your other eye.
  5. Once she's finished, the therapist will check your lashes and make sure none are sticking or positioned differently and might reposition or tweak some of them. Sometimes a sealant will also be applied for extra protection (you can also buy this to maintain your lashes).
  6. Make an appointment for 2-3 weeks time for a top up (go for 2 on your first visit).
  • Try not to have a hot bath or shower for 24 hours after your lashes have been applied
  • Avoid using eye make up - if you really have to, use oil free products
  • Don't tint or perm your lashes once they're on and don't use lash curlers
  • Using oily cleansers or eye creams will weaken the bonds so avoid this wherever possible
  • Easier said than done but try not to sleep on your face as this can put pressure on the lashes and either make them position strangely or fall out
  • Some aftercare I've seen recommend using a lash comb regularly - I prefer to use my fingers to reposition any that are straying
  • You can buy sealant to use yourself, I don't as I've never felt it made a huge difference
  • Keep up your maintenance appointments
  • If you decide to remove them either go back to the salon or use a lot of baby oil/oily cleanser to dissolve the glue and remove.  Don't pull them out - your own lashes will come out and it'll look worse than ever!
I'm not sure if you're meant to do this, but I do...if I can see that a lash has become twisted and is going to fall out, I'll quickly add some Duo lash adhesive to the base of the lashes to keep them in place until my next maintenance appointment.  I'll remove this before my next appointment.  If I notice I've got a gap where I've lost a couple of lashes I'll fill it with an individual lash or cluster lashes and some Duo lash adhesive as a temporary fix.  Here's what I use:

I think that unless you have a very patient friend with a steady hand and a few hours to kill you would struggle to do a full set of these, especially the individual ones - you couldn't apply these on yourself!

So there you have it, my guide to lash extensions.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below or drop me a tweet (@LucyBATB) or email ( and I'll try and answer.  I'm by no means an expert or trained in lash application but I'll try!


  1. great in depth info! ive been lusting after semi permanent lashes for a while. its good to know what you can and cant do. dont you wear eyemakeup at all when you have these? i take it mascara is a definite no no!? i have tried the ''DIY'' individual lashes myself- was far too difficult!

    1. You CAN wear oil free make up (as oil weakens the glue) - so powder shadow, oil free mascara etc but I find removing make up damages the lashes so isn't always worth it. I use powder eyeshadow as eyeliner occassionally but thats about the only eye make up I use anyway!


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