Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I like big buns but this is ridiculous - ASOS Extra Large Hair Donut

Last year (a year to the day actually...weird) I blogged about my ASOS Large Hair Donut that I've happily been wearing ever since.  Now that hair donut was pretty big (especially after I finished covering it in extensions), but when I spotted the ASOS Extra Large Hair Donut I thought "ooh why not? Bigger is better right...". 

Well it arrived at the weekend and while I was expecting it to be huge, I wasn't expecting to have handbags smaller than it!  Here it is with the Large Hair Donut...wowzer.

It's gigantic!!!  Compared to a normal size bun ring it's easily 5 times the size and even compared to the large one...it's big.  I even got my tape measure out on it...7 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches deep.  My hair's pretty long and quite thick (if I didn't straighten and bleach it, it would be huge) and I haven't got nearly enough hair to go over the Extra Large one.

The only way I could see this working is for a dramatic updo - I've seen J-Lo with this sort of style before - on a night out or if you've got loads of hair that you struggle to tame.  As I said, I don't have anything like enough hair to go over this and I think even if I covered it with extensions to wear it I would feel a bit silly as it pretty much covers the whole of the top of my head (and I have a pretty big head y'know).  Here's how it looks on the ASOS model:

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  1. Wow, that is ridiculous! I love buns too, but that big looks a bit silly x


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