Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I want a new outfit for Easter...

Remember when you were a kid and you got bought a new outfit for Easter...well why doesn't that still happen?!  I'd 100% prefer a new outfit to Easter eggs, even more so now that I'm an adult!  It's pretty unlikely that I'm going to get a new outfit from the Easter bunny, but just in case he's reading, here's what I've got my eye on (which seems ridiculous when it's snowing outside):

 New Look* - Blue Denim Stud Yoke Shirt Dress, £22.99
 I don't actually need the Easter bunny for this one - the lovely Shen told me about a 25% off New Look code that's going around along with my 10% student discount on top so I couldn't resist doing a cheeky order.  How often do you get 35% off something you actually want?  I also used Quidco* so I should get 7% cashback on top of all that so this will probably work out at around £14.50...bargain.
River Island - Black Leather Fringed Biker Jacket , £150
I really want a fringed leather jacket (with the denim dress above, I'm actually going a bit Western aren't I?) and this one is one of the nicest ones I've seen.  One day I will own a really expensive leather jacket that will last forever (one day).
ASOS - Cambridge Satchel Company 11" Lilac Satchel, £105
I love satchels, I think they're the perfect mix of pastel and pretty.  The Cambridge Satchel Company do a range of gorgeous, bright colours and they look really sturdy and well made - lilac is one of my favourite colours too so this is ticking a lot of boxes here.
ASOS - Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses, £84
I want these!  I have a million pairs of aviators, and I still manage to buy a new pair each year, these ones are gorgeous.  I don't normally buy expensive sunglasses because inevitably I lose them or they get squashed in my beach bag.  I'd have to buy a decent case if I got these.
But to be honest, I'd settle for these pug pyjamas from Topshop....


  1. Ah that satchel is divine, especially in the lilac and how cute are those pjs?! I can't remember getting a new Easter outfit- I probably did but it must have been awful for me to wipe my mind from it!

    I did get some Thornton's chocolate Easter bunnies in the mail from the parents, - that made me more happy then I ever was as a child getting an Easter egg. I think i'm reverting to my child state!

    1. Yum, Thorntons! I've got a Lindt one this year but I might pick up a Hotel Chocolat one in the sales after Easter....there's my top Easter tip right there, the Rocky Road to Caramel is the BEST Easter egg I've ever had.

  2. I'm so glad you got the dress! it looks lovely! The lilac satchel is beautiful, you should get it.

    1. Argh you are an enabler! The only thing with the bag is because it's such a light colour I'm likely to wreck it...


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