Saturday, 23 February 2013

Essie Leading Lady

My Essie fetish continues!  I wanted this for ages even though I knew I didn't really need it and that I already had a few similar polishes in my collection (China Glaze Ruby Pumps for one) but I kept lurking by the Essie stand in Boots looking at it every time I went in there, so I ended up buying it.

So yep, I didn't really need it and yep, it's very very similar to Ruby Pumps, though possibly slightly more leaning towards pink than Ruby Pumps (more so in the bottle).  All in all a nice polish with a  good formula and brush, but maybe check your collection first and see if you've already got one like this.

This was a quick and dirty nail paint whilst I was away on hols (in a very cute 1700's stone cottage with a log fire out in the middle of nowhere) by the way!  I had a great time and it always makes me think "hmm, maybe I could live in the countryside, that would be great" until I remember I quite like my home comforts too much - like phone signal, street lights, being able to pop and get my nails done, sushi etc....


  1. Love the colour! Looks gorgeous, love the sparkly ness


    1. Thanks Lauren - can I just say I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog and for being a regular visitor.


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