Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to follow now that Google Reader is biting the dust...

I'm sure you've seen the furore about Google Reader being discontinued from 1st July 2013.  As someone who uses Google Reader on a daily basis, I've become really familiar with GR and I like the way it all works together, it does what I want it to, so I am kind of disappointed that it's being discontinued really.  Although GFC isn't being retired there are some questions about how relevant it will be without Google Reader so it looks like the GFC followers we've all built up might end up being irrelevant.  There's a considerable amount of reading around the subject if you're interested with some saying it'll even out the playing field but others who really aren't happy.

Anway, waffle aside, if you still want to keep up with Beauty and the Blogger (I hope you do!), you can follow me through Bloglovin, Hellocotton or  I'm also on Twitter and Pinterest if you want to follow me there too.

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  1. I'm using Google Reader all the time. Especially when I have complicates tasks and have to read up quickly. It allows to save time, apart from buying a college essay or a paper, you have a chance to answer correctly once asked about your paradigm or point in the assignment.


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