Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year nails (and 2013 beauty resolutions!)

Well, happy new year!  I think everyone has said this but where's 2012 gone?!  Overall, I liked 2012, it was a good year.  I started a new job, got a little dog, was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding, graduated from uni after 4 long years, lost some weight and went on a brilliant holiday to Mexico with my lovely boyfriend.  Yep, a good year.

If I'm totally honest, I can take or leave new year, I much prefer Christmas but that's just me!  Anyway, here's the nails that went into 2013 with me, I've got my trusty Kiss falsies on again:

The black polish with silver glitter is Illamasqua Creation, a really lovely polish that applies like a dream, dries quite quickly and it LASTS.  But I'm not overly mad on it as I don't feel like it's anything that special to look at.  Am I far too picky?  I just feel like I could have got the same thing in a much cheaper brand, although it's clearly great quality and packed with glitter.

The champagne glitter on my ring fingers is Essie Beyond Cosy which I absolutely love and is fast becoming a favourite.  It's a really good coverage, dense glitter in a really pretty colour that complements my skin tone.  It doesn't feel too gritty and lasts quite well.

I've been having a little think about some beauty resolutions for 2013 and here's some I've come up with that I hope to follow in the year to come:
  1. Drink more water - boring, I know, but I really don't drink enough and I've seen this reflected in my skin over winter.  I do ok in terms of products I use but I think I need to make the effort from the inside too.
  2. Do something different with my hair - I've had variations of blonde highlights in my hair for the last 4 years, and the style hasn't really changed either apart from using clip ins every now and again.  Recently I've been curling it with my Enrapture heated rollers to try and change it up but the truth is I'm really bored of my hair!  I don't want to go brown (natural colour) as I usually get really blonde then go to brown and hate it and I probably don't want to go short as I prefer to wear my hair up a lot so I need to have a think.  Maybe extensions or ombre or even bright red? (Probably not bright red)
  3. Get in more of a beauty routine - I don't mean a cleanse, tone, moisturise type of thing as I've got a lot better at that after trying out some NUDE products towards the end of last year, what I mean is more of a keeping up regular beauty appointments (lashes, gel polish, facials and hair appointments) as I feel so much better with this stuff that I always vow to keep it up and I never do.  I also want to get into fake tanning more regularly too as I love being tanned but I find fake tanning a bit of a hassle - I used Xen Tan Absolute Luxe in November and found it really easy to use and natural looking so want to keep that up too!
  4. Get my teeth whitened again - I first had my teeth professionally whitened about 6 years ago (wow, where's that time gone!), again about 3 years ago and used Crest Whitestrips and a few other things in between but I really want them blingy white again.  I think I'm going to get them done professionally again with the Enlighten system.
  5. Carrying on losing weight until I get to my goal weight - after getting really really into Weightwatchers in September and doing pretty well, I've kind of lost my way a bit in the midst of December's Christmas treats so I want to get back into it and get to my goal weight.  It was working for me and I didn't find it too much of a strain,
Wishing you all the best for 2013, have you got any beauty resolutions you're planning to stick to this year?


  1. I swear I have exactly the same resolutions as you haha!! X

  2. Happy New Year.
    I really enjoy this theme you've got going on in your web page. What is the name of the template by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the site I am going to construct for my school project.

    McDesert Safari

    1. I think my template is just the plain old simple one in blogger with custom widths? The tabs etc I did myself.

  3. Gorgeous colours! I might have to add them to my collection!!


    Have a great 2013

    1. Yeah Beyond Cosy is lovely but seem to have misplaced them both?! Will have to look for them tomorrow.

  4. Looks fantastic, just wish glitter polishes werent so difficult to remove!!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter;

  5. Love the nails! Particularly loving the Essie one. You just can't go wrong with Essie can you. I haven't used a bad one yet. Just wish they'd create a glitter one that was easier to take off.

  6. Gorgeous shades! x


  7. I really like these nails!



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