Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hotel Chocolate Cocoa Juvenate - new beauty range

Hotel Chocolat have brought out a beauty range

As an avid Hotel Chocolat fan I was a little bit excited to find out that they've brought out a beauty range based on cocoa. The Cocoa Juvenate range consists of staples such as handcream, moisturiser, lip balms, body oil and body polish.  There's even a candle which suprisingly doesn't seem to be cocoa-scented.  I've just noticed as well, they were doing a bit of a tester evening for the range in Manchester but there's no availability now.  Boooo!

For more information about the range and to stalk some yummy chocolate at the same time - I recommend Rocky Road, Caramel Chocolate and anything praline - check out the Hotel Chocolat website.

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